Infusionsoft App – Tidy Up Time!

For me, this time of year is the best time to slow down and tidy things up in your Infusionsoft App.

Infusionsoft App


I’d like to share a list of things you may want to consider as we head into the New Year…

1. Unpublish or archive old campaigns in your Infusionsoft App

Every marketing automation system becomes unruly over time. If you have a lot of old campaigns in your Infusionsoft App, you may want to review them.

Keap will let you ‘unpublish’ a campaign without deleting the contents. I like to then append [Archived] to the beginning of the campaign name. That way I can see at a glance which campaigns are still active.

2. Review old tags

Do you ever create Infusionsoft tags on the fly, perhaps for a date-specific event? You might want to consider removing these old Infusionsoft tags from your Infusionsoft App. Just be careful not to remove any tags you are still using.

3. Review custom fields

Custom fields are used to store information on the contact record. A custom field has more permanence than a tag, which acts more like a label.

It’s important to review your custom fields from time to time. For instance, sometimes a set of fields may relate to an old inactive survey, and can be deleted.

4. Check your Facebook event tracking setup

If you run Facebook Ads, consider checking what events are being recorded by your Facebook pixel. An event could be an email signup, a sale, an ‘add to cart’, a video view.

Are the events all relevant to your current marketing activity? Facebook will only let you prioritise 8 events in aggregated event measurement.

5. Setup Facebook Conversion API

2021 has been the year of the ‘cookie wars’, led by Apple. Website visitors using an iPhone or iPad are asked whether they want to accept the marketing cookies used by the Facebook pixel.

Of course, a significant chunk say “no!”

So, Facebook have introduced a new server-side method to pass conversions to Facebook, called ‘Facebook Conversion API’.

I’m currently in the early stages of researching this, but your best bet may be to create a server-side Google Tag Manager installation.

I know, I’ve just lost you. Servers are scary. But if you’re spending decent money on Facebook Ads, I suggest you take a look at the conversion API. Anything that helps you maintain your conversion data is a good thing.

Have a great New Year, and I’ll be back with more tips in 2022.

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