Infusionsoft Campaigns Old Skool

I just quickly wanted to share the results some Infusionsoft campaigns I for a private client of mine recently. The client works in the property investment niche and sells a number of high ticket education programmes.

Although he does quite a lot of webinars I suggested we try something different.

The client was launching a high ticket coaching programme retailing at £1997 and wanted to invite people to a webinar and then they could subsequently apply for a place on the programme. (This was deliberately set up to pre-qualify interested parties as the next step would be a telephone interview.)

The client uses InfusionSoft so tracking of things can be a little easier with it.

How are using your Infusionsoft Campaigns?

Here’s what I suggested:-

Invite via a postcard and person who

  • Has previously spent over £200 in last 12 months (so we had full postal address and was fairly recent purchase)
  • Not opened last 3 emails sent over last 30 days ( there was no point sending postcard to someone who opens all emails)

From doing several quick searches in the database we got a list of 483 people.

These were all then sent a postcard in the mail at a cost of 38p each. (Total cost including design was £183.54 + £50 Design = £233.54).

We set up a unique URL (via an affiliate link) so we could track metrics.

Here are the results…

  1. 483 Postcards sent
  2. 129 people viewed link (We also set up re-targeting)
  3. 79 people registered (61% sign up)
  4. 33 Attended live webinar (41% attendance LIVE)
  5. 11 Watched Replay (13.9% attended REPLAY)
  6. 9 Applications (11.4% of registered)
  7. 3 Sign ups (3.8%)
  8. Profit (3 x £1997 = £5991 -£233.54 = £5757.46

Just goes to show that you should be using multiple marketing channels to maximise your sales and profits.

Some people will respond better to something in the mail than just a regular email. I bet the majority of your competition is not using direct mail. Use it to differentiate yourself. Make sure you track everything to see if it returns a profit.


Jarratt Davis
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Tom Breeze
“Expert marketer…Damian just gets it..super easy to work with…”

Sonia Stringer
Perfect fit!…A HUGE asset to my business…an absolute Whizz…”