Infusionsoft Direct Mail

Did you know… that when you’re promoting a high-value product Infusionsoft direct mail can be extremely effective?

FACT: Most of your sales will come from your follow-up efforts?

Overall, more customers will buy at the second, third, or seventh time of asking than at the first.

Infusionsoft Direct Mail Works!!

Infusionsoft Direct Mail

Especially if those touchpoints happen across different marketing channels.

We've seen with our clients that a strategically placed direct mail letter can boost sales.

Most people assume direct mail is expensive or ineffective.

But think about it… most people at least glance at their mail before binning it.

So open rates are close to 100%.

Want 95% Open Rates?

PLUS the volume of direct mail has dropped in recent years. You automatically stand out from the crowd by the simple act of sending a letter or postcard.

PLUS the prospects who provide their mailing address are usually your hottest prospects!

You can keep mailing costs low by only mailing the hottest segment of your database.

For Infusionsoft direct mail we use and recommend Stannp as our direct mail provider for the following reasons:

  • They’re flexible to custom requirements. Want to send an insert with your letter? No problem. Want to customize the outer envelope? No problem.
  • No need to handle any mail yourself. Simply add them as a fulfillment list recipient in Keap and they’ll do the rest.
  • They have mailing facilities in both the UK and the US. If you sell internationally you can both minimize mailing costs and decrease delivery times. If you’re promoting a time-sensitive offer then fast delivery is crucial!

Direct mail works best in conjunction with your other marketing follow-up efforts. We usually recommend email, direct mail, and SMS as your core follow-up channels. Each communication should deliver a cohesive overall message.

The overall effect is greater than the sum of the parts.

Contacts who have received a letter or postcard are more likely to open your emails because they recognize you from their physical mailbox.

Want to add direct mail to your next follow-up campaign?

P.S. … Don't let anyone convince you that direct mail is ‘dying, dead or going away'. If anything the opposite is true!


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