Infusionsoft Email Marketing Campaigns

Infusionsoft email marketing campaigns…how I got started…

I was telling you last time how I fumbled my way into property investing

By 2007 I had 38 properties valued close to £8m

I set up a business called Buyproperty4less to help other people buy property and avoid some of my mistakes.

At its peak, we turned over more than £100K per month, employed 15 people and spent £20K a month on PPC advertising. In the last years of the business, we bought Infusionsoft to help nurture old leads.

Infusionsoft Email Marketing

I saw no reason why the upward curve wouldn’t continue! I bought a huge family home right at the top of the market, maxing the mortgages on my other properties to do so.

So we moved into this beautiful £1.5m house in the Cheshire countryside.

Everything Was Rosy

Then six months later in 2008, the global economy crashed. My income – which at the time was substantial – dried up overnight. I'd invested everything into property, so suddenly I had no cash.

I couldn't sell any properties because they were all underwater in terms of value. I was losing £5K a month because the mortgages were more than I was earning on rent. I had £50-60K put aside, which after 12 months had dried up too.

Later that year we had an investigation by the VAT office. We had a few overseas properties. Apparently, we should have been charging VAT on the sales of overseas properties, which we hadn't.

A very nice VAT lady came in to see me one day. “Oh your books are all fine,” she summarised briskly. “There's just this one small problem. You've not been charging VAT overseas, so I've just worked out you owe us £84,000. How would you like to pay?”

“Well,” I responded slowly, “I don't think you're going to get that really!”

I Nearly Lost Everything!

The next day I had to liquidate the company. Fifteen employees out of a job. All of my ‘trappings of success’ up for sale. My Range Rover Vogue… our penthouse beachfront apartment in Portugal… it all had to go.

I took it quite personally, looking back. It was like being slapped in the face by failure. Although in hindsight the whole banking industry had failed. I certainly wasn't alone.

The one thing I kept hold of? My Infusionsoft account! I’m glad I did too… Infusionsoft email marketing became my lifeline, and would eventually become my bread and butter.

More on that another time.


P.S. I can’t keep the VAT office at bay, but I can get Infusionsoft (or Keap) working hard for you. Book a free call here and we'll go from there.

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