Infusionsoft Email Status

Have you checked out the latest Infusionsoft Email status feature?

In today's Infusionsoft training video, I want to show you a relatively new feature Infusionsoft or Keap as we know it now, has put into their system in terms of email status.

This is really useful to make sure that you're keeping a clean list.

For example, in my own app, if I do a search for everyone on my list, I've got 748 people on my list.

If I want to edit the criteria now, and if you see here email status, for example, if we select this, doesn't contain any of the following. We can then select Unengaged NonMarketable, NonMarketable, Lockdown bounds, all the ones to the bottom here.

I'm just going to highlight all those and click save. You could see here before we had 748.

Infusionsoft Email Status

I'm not suggesting in any way you should get rid of people who don't have these tags if you have other ways of communicating with them, but it's certainly one way of removing people from the list that maybe you would have tried through email in the past.

A lot of them wouldn't go through anyway but it's a really nice clean way to do it.

On top of that, I have the following criteria I use. Again we offer our free Infusionsoft email health check, a tracker that tracks engagement.

I want to say with any of the following tags, we've got all these engagement tags, I'm going to go DD type Infusionsoft tags, because now that's what it begins with.

Infusionsoft Email Status

I want to just deal with people who are engaged. I'm going to say anyone who's really up to 120 days. I'm going to go here, here, here. 60 to 90, 90 to one 20. You can see here, we've got, in the last seven days, seven to 30, 30, 60, 60 to 90, 90 to one 20.

Infusionsoft Email Status

Let me just run through this again.

We're going to pick people who don't have this email status.

We don't want to email people who are potentially an issue to us.

Then we're going to layer on top of that, a further filter, which is we only want to email to people, who've got a high level of recent email engagement.

Again, if I just click that again, it brings it down right down to 206 people. These are the people who've engaged with me in the last 120 days.

Keep Your Email List Clean

From a list again my list is not all of the people who have are in this particular niche and some people we just use direct mail for, it just gives you an idea of the people who are engaged roughly in our system at the moment.

What we can do instead of having to do this each time, we want to send an email list, we could create a list of engaged people.

We could do that as a saved search. We've got down now that we want to email people who engage in the last 100 and 20 days, but don't have any of these, what I call negative email systems statuses.

If we didn't want to search for this every time we would create basically a saved search.

I'm just going to save this and share it with everyone on my team.

I'm going to put a clean email master list and save it.

Create Dynamic Lists Using The Saved Search Feature

The beauty of doing it as a saved search is all these things are dynamic.

As they update, this list will flow and add like the tides to change numbers as status has changed on them.

Then if we wanted to, send an email out to these people, we would just

  • Select them,
  • Go to start-stop a campaign sequence,
  • Pick whatever sequence we want to drop them in and press them into that sequence, and it would deliver.

This is a really good way of, just filtering out people you don't want to email.

Then again, if you want to email people who are engaged, we're more than happy to, if you want to jump on a call.

There'll be a link at the bottom of this article.

If you want a free Infusionsoft email health check and audit where we put the actual campaign in your app to make sure that you're only emailing the most engaged people, so you get really high domain authority with your ISP's.

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