Infusionsoft Forms Suck [ PART – 1 ]

You know how much I love Infusionsoft but I have a HUGE “pet hate” when it comes to Infusionsoft forms in general….basically I think they suck!

When it comes to design and making things look PURTY then I can be a little OCD (that’s just me!)

BUT when basic functionality starts to damage conversions….YIKES.

So over the last couple of years I have made it my life’s work (slight exaggeration) to find better solutions to this age old problem.

I’m going to share you not only what I’ve come up work as a solutions (or solutions) but some of the actual test results when I’ve ran then side-by-side against one another in actual campaigns.

So Here Goes (sorry if it’s a bit of a rant..)

In a recent campaign a client started using the traditional Infusionsoft order form as detailed below (this is not the exact form so at to keep client confidentiality but you get the idea hopefully)

From This…

Infusionsoft FormThe product was priced at $297 and was converting at around 7%.

Why I Hate Infusionsoft Forms…

So for every 1000 visitors they were converting around 70 to purchasing the product.

That’s a total of $20,790 or $20.79 per order form visitor.

Now the purpose of this article isn’t to highlight how effective the sales funnel is but rather how conversions are recorded.

We decided to change things up and use one of the few Infusionsoft order form builders that are springing up to run a split test against a form looking like this.

To This…

Infusionsoft form that looks great

Here’s what we got by diverting traffic to the new order page

For every 1000 visitors we were now converting at 17%.

That’s a total sales value of $50,490 or a $50.49 per order form visitor.

That’s over a 250% better conversion.

So what makes a better converting order form than the native Infusionsoft forms?

  • Clear, crisp design that’s congruent with the brand/website
  • Fully mobile optimized – over 73% of the traffic visiting the order forms was from mobile traffic
  • Fast-loading – don’t have customers waiting for your order pages to load – or they’ll leave
  • Testimonials
  • Security Symbols
  • Ability to take both credit card and PayPal payments ( even ApplePay..)
  • Offer different purchase options – single pay and multipay
  • Ability to remove certain form fields – if you are selling digital products do you need to take a physical address as part of the check-out process? FACT : The more form fields they are required to complete will affect conversion rates

As you can see from this brief case study how important a great converting order form page that can quickly increase sales and profits and maximize profits.

In the next episode we’ll look at how we can 3-4x these results using upsells,down-sells and bump offers.

As with anything – you need to test these out in your own businesses to see what kind of results you can be pulling in.

So how can you create higher converting Infusionsoft order forms?

There’s a couple of ways

The Hard Way

Custom code your own order forms – it’s not something I’d particular recommend unless you’re  a genius with CSS

The Quick & Easy Way

Check out (excuse the pun) some of the really cool form building tools that are out there right now.

These include


Spiffy Makes Infusionsoft Forms Look GreatSamcart

Using Samcart For Your Infusionsoft Forms


Thrivecart and Infusionsoft Form Integration


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