Infusionsoft One Click Upsells

If you are using Infusionsoft one click upsells are something you can start implementing quickly and easily both natively and using some pretty slick 3rd party apps.Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 15 years one of the quickest ways to maximize your initial customer value immediately post purchase is to offer an upsell (or a series of up and Downsells)

What’s really great is that if you are already using Infusionsoft then you can literally double, triple or quadruple your front end profits by using these tactics

Why do they use upsells? Because they work!!

It’s not just a tactic employed by internet marketers it’s also used by many of the marketing giants including Amazon.

Infusionsoft one click upsells

BUT these are not just any old upsell but they are a 1-click upsell.

So What Is A 1 Click Upsell?

For those of you who don’t know what a one-click upsell is – here’s my definition.

“It’s the ability to offer a complementary offer directly after the initial purchase has been made and credit card charged which allows the customer to add the complementary offer without the need to re-enter their credit card details again. If the complimentary offer is declined then the initial purchase has already been charged.”

In essence you make it easy for the customer to say yes to purchasing additional goods and services from you.

Let’s Go Back a Couple of Steps First

The Golden Rule of Marketing

If you can afford to profitably outspend on the front end of your business to acquire leads then you can quickly and easily dominate your marketplace.

In simplistic terms (I like simple) let’s look at a couple of scenarios

Scenario # 1 – No upsells in place

In this scenario the business in question had no upsells and was selling a digital product for let’s say $100.

So the business owner could spend up to $99.99 9 (in theory) to create a sale and remain profitable.

The maximum initial customer value is $100

Scenario #2 – Upsells in place

In this second scenario, the smart business owner had a couple of strategic upsells/Downsells in place.

He was still selling an initial product prices at $100 like the business owner in scenario 1 BUT the initial customer value jumped up to let’s say $350 (not an uncommon multiple).

So in this example business owner 2 could potentially spend 3.5x as much as business owner 1 to acquire a new customer – who do you think could dominate the market?

So Upsells are great!!

The main drawback with Infusionsoft is that they are natively pretty difficult to create unless you’re a bit of a whizz with coding etc.

So How Can You Implement Infusionsoft One Click Upsells?

There are a couple of options

Infusionsoft One Click Upsells – The More Difficult Option

Either do it yourself or pay a coder to do it for you

Infusionsoft One Click Upsells – The Easier Option

There are 3-4 great plugins that simplify the whole process for you

Here are the ones I personally recommend.

The first 2 work great within Infusionsoft and the second two integrate partially with Infusionsoft

Fix Your Funnel

I love the guys at  FYF – their support is amazing and their products are all word-class. This is definantely worth looking

Fix your funnel

Rocket One Click

This is one of my favourites – I just discovered recently. Loads of cool functionality, easy to use. I love the fact you can intelligently cretae a path that will not offer products previously purchased!!

Infusionsoft one click upsells


I currently use Samcart myself – super easy to set up and has some really cool high converting order form templates. The only drawback is that it’s not a deep integration with Infusionsoft which is a huge pity.

Samcart and Infusionsoft

ThrivecartThrivecart and Infusionsoft Integration

This is one I’ve got my eye on – it’s currently a one-off life time fee and has some REALLY cool features including high converting check out templates. Makes building one-click-funnels a breeze.

Whichever way you decide to go one-click-upsells will make you a ton more money from your Infusionsoft App.


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