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Let me ask you a question “Which Infusionsoft tag should you use?… if you use Keap, or Keap Max Classic (Infusionsoft), how many Infusionsoft tags do you actually use? More importantly, how many tags do you need?

Does it feel like… millions!?

It’s easy in Keap to create tags on the fly. Perhaps too easy…

I audit a lot of Keap accounts. Of all the potential headaches, the biggest is often tags. I dread finding myself in an Infusionsoft tag quagmire.

infusionsoft tag

A messy tag structure always causes automation mayhem. Have you ever applied an old tag to a contact, only to find that tag also triggers a flurry of old outdated emails?

Which Infusionsoft Tag…Where?

So here’s a rule of thumb: only use a tag when you absolutely need to.

Sometimes tags are used when a custom field would be more appropriate (if you want to merge data into a task or email for instance).

Sometimes tags are used when a note would be more appropriate. If you want to record that something happened, without triggering any automation, then use the ‘create note' function!

In some cases, you don’t need to use a tag at all. Take these emails for instance…

These emails are sent as Infusionsoft campaign emails, not broadcast emails. If you don’t open the Tuesday email you'll receive another copy on Friday with a different subject line. You can't do that with broadcasts, so a campaign is the right option.

So the campaign itself is just a sequence and an email opened completion tag:

Do you notice anything unusual about this setup?

To start the sequence we add contacts to the sequence from a saved contact search.

The campaign uses ONE tag, which is applied if you click the ‘book a call’ link below because this is used to trigger a separate campaign that runs if you click the link and don’t book the call.

I could technically achieve that without a tag. I could use a web page automation goal to add people to the second Infusionsoft campaign sequence or use a link click goal in the first campaign. But it’s useful to see in a dashboard widget how many people have clicked the call link and not booked a call in the last 7 days.

Which means that a tag is the right option.

Are your Infusionsoft tags in a mess? Which Infusionsoft Tag should I use where?

Want help sorting them out?

Book a call here. (And yes, you’ll be tagged!)

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