Infusionsoft User…Infusionsoft Donors?

There used to be a term for an Infusionsoft user who paid their monthly software bill, but never actually sent any emails…

We called these clients Infusionsoft donors. People who donated to the Infusionsoft party cause each month without seeing any benefit from the software!

Infusionsoft User

Of course, Infusionsoft is now called Keap, but the principle still holds. To see a better return on your investment in Keap, you usually need to send more emails.

Who Kind Of Infusionsoft User Are You?

There are two main reasons people don’t send enough emails:

1. We assume people don’t want to hear from us that often.

We worry we’ll put people off. We don’t want to disturb people (although maybe that’s more of a British concern).

Nobody pays as much attention to your emails as you do. In my experience, your best customers want to hear from you more, not less! Especially if you have a depth of understanding about your topic that will help people.

If your subscribers perceive you as the wise man (or woman) at the top of the mountain, then they want to hear from you more. Especially if you’re generous and vulnerable with both your expertise and your story. We crave authenticity from the people we buy from.

2. We don’t know what to write

When I work with a client who doesn’t know what to write, I get them to think about their core message and their story.

Your core message is the main idea (or ideas) you are trying to get across. My core message is that:

  • Webinars can be highly effective
  • Selling new customers into a membership program is a great way to grow your business
  • Marketing follow-up is most effective when synchronised across multiple offline media
  • You need a tool such as Keap to synchronise everything
  • If you’re the business owner you shouldn’t be doing everything in Keap yourself
  • Your marketing systems should be sophisticated but not complex
  • You should be prepared to nurture high-value customers over a long time frame. Come prepared to play the long game, because your competitors won’t bother

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Every communication you receive from me illustrates one of those points from a different angle.

How do you change the angle each week? One way is to tell a different story.

Over the last year of writing these emails, I’ve told you how I got started in the business. I’ve told you about my career in cheap apparel. I’ve shared some of my property disasters. and I’ve even shared my experience with Tinder!

Each story may seem very different, but each one still illustrates my core message.

That’s how you stay in contact with people over months and years, without running out of things to write about.

We’ll talk more about storytelling next time.

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