Keap Campaign Mistakes

I regularly see two common Keap campaign mistakes when I audit a Keap account…

Do You Make The Same Keap Campaign Mistakes Too?

One is where the account owner has built Infusionsoft campaigns without a clear plan.

Keap Campaign Mistakes

These campaigns stand out like a sore thumb. For a start, they are usually unpublished. Most sequences just contain the ‘start' goal and maybe a few dummy emails. The effect is of a half-finished Dali painting; an ambitious project started without a grand plan.

The second issue is a failure to segment your sequences by engagement.

The starting point in any sequence is always a goal of some sort (webinar registration, webinar attendee, contact form, etc), followed by a sequence of emails.

If you have used AWeber, Mailchimp, or one of the other linear autoresponders in the past, this is as far as things go. A trigger, followed by a lengthy sequence of automated emails.

You can do better than this in Keap.

Structured correctly, your campaigns should profile your contacts as they move along. In a campaign like this, you’ll see decision diamonds sending people different ways depending on the engagement.

Did someone attend the webinar? Yes or no. Did they see the pitch? Yes or no. Do they have a high lead score? Yes or no.

This way you create different sequences for engaged vs non-engaged contacts. You spend more time and effort following up with the contacts most likely to buy.

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