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Hand on heart… have you ever lost an hour scratching your chin in bewilderment at an old Keap campaign?

Have you ever lost an hour or more trying to figure out which campaign has triggered a rogue email?

Have you ever lost an hour trying to figure out why 27 random tags have been added to a contact record?

I call that ‘drowning in automation mayhem‘!

I have three simple ways to keep your Keap marketing automation mayhem in check:

keap campaign

Method 1: Use a consistent campaign naming syntax

Let's say for instance that we did a consulting call. If I look through your campaign list and find campaigns such as ‘July campaign’, ‘June mailshot’, or ‘Untitled campaign’, then I know we’re in for a rough ride!

I end up being like Inspector Morse trying to figure out ‘who dunnit’. Or in this case, ‘who built it, and what on earth were they thinking.

You should always be able to look at a Keap campaign name and know what the campaign is meant to do.

Try using the following syntax:

Purpose > Goal | Date

For instance:

  • Membership Launch > Booked Demo | November 2021
  • Deliver White Paper > Book Consultation | Ongoing
  • New Contact Nurture > Buys Book | Ongoing

That way, you know at a glance what the campaign is meant to do, what the end state is, and whether or not the campaign is ongoing.

You can then make use of Keap’s campaign categories to organise campaigns by function, for instance:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Nurture
  • Sales
  • Fulfilment
  • Admin

It takes approximately 15 seconds to carefully name a campaign and apply the appropriate campaign category. Those 15 seconds can save you hours later on.

Method 2: Leave notes on the campaign canvas

Got a decision diamond linking to five different sequences? Don’t assume you'll remember how the diamond is supposed to work!

Be kind to your future self and leave copious notes around the campaign canvas.

The notes function works a bit like electronic post-it notes. I’ve heard it said that badly organised people don’t have enough post-it notes in their life.

So make use of the notes feature in the campaign builder.

Method 3: Maintain external documentation

There’s nothing worst than hiring a new contractor, adding them to Keap, and spending three days on Zoom trying to explain what’s what. Or trying to explain why you have 5000 tags, and a campaign called ‘July campaign'.

ANY documentation you maintain about your campaigns is better than nothing. I recommend a simple spreadsheet or Google Sheet. Just list out what your primary campaigns are, what the purpose of each is, and what critical tags are being used. List custom fields too, if you’re automating based on custom fields instead of tags.

That way, it’s all there in a single view.

Yes, it’s an extra step to update the documentation when you create a new campaign. Yes, it’ll slow things down by 15 minutes or so.

But once again, those 15 minutes could save you hours later on. Maybe even days.

Your future self will thank you for it. Future contractors will thank you for it too. (Trust me, haha).

Got your Keap campaigns in a mess? It might be time to book that call…

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