Keap Integrations : Getting More From Marketing Automation

Keap Integrations : Getting More From Marketing Automation

Keap Integrations


Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation platform designed to help businesses streamline their processes, improve customer engagement, and drive growth. To further extend the capabilities of Keap and integrate it with other essential tools and systems, Keap offers a wide range of integrations. In this article, we will explore the various integrations available for Keap and how they can enhance your business capabilities.

1. E-commerce Integrations:

Integrating Keap with your e-commerce platform is crucial for effectively managing customer data, order processing, and marketing automation. Keap offers integrations with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. By connecting Keap with your e-commerce system, you can automate the syncing of customer information, order details, and purchase history. This enables you to personalize your marketing efforts, trigger targeted campaigns based on purchase behavior, and provide a seamless customer experience.

2. Payment Gateway Integrations:

Integrating Keap with payment gateways allows you to streamline your payment processes, track transactions, and manage recurring payments. Keap supports integrations with leading payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Square. By connecting your payment gateway with Keap, you can automate the creation of invoices, process payments, and trigger follow-up sequences based on payment status. This integration ensures efficient financial management and enhances the customer experience by providing seamless payment options.

3. Lead Capture Integrations:

Integrating Keap with lead capture tools and forms helps you capture and manage leads seamlessly. Keap offers integrations with popular lead capture tools like OptinMonster, Leadpages, and Unbounce. By integrating these tools with Keap, you can automatically capture leads from your website, landing pages, or pop-up forms and have them directly added to your Keap contact database. This streamlines lead generation, eliminates manual data entry, and enables immediate follow-up and nurturing.

4. Email Marketing Integrations:

Email marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy, and integrating Keap with email marketing platforms enhances your email campaigns and automation capabilities. Keap integrates with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber. By connecting Keap with your email marketing platform, you can synchronize contact lists, trigger automated email sequences based on customer behavior or tags, and track email engagement within Keap. This integration ensures consistent and personalized communication with your audience.

5. CRM and Sales Integrations:

Integrating Keap with other CRM and sales tools can streamline your sales processes and improve data management. Keap offers integrations with CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics. By integrating Keap with your CRM system, you can synchronize contact information, track leads, opportunities, and activities, and ensure a seamless flow of data between sales and marketing teams. This integration improves collaboration, eliminates data silos, and enables a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

6. Calendar and Appointment Integrations:

Integrating Keap with calendar and appointment scheduling tools simplifies the process of managing appointments and automating reminders. Keap integrates with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. By connecting your calendar with Keap, you can schedule appointments, automate reminders and follow-ups, and ensure efficient time management for your sales or service teams. This integration eliminates double bookings, reduces administrative tasks, and enhances customer satisfaction.

7. Analytics and Reporting Integrations:

Integrating Keap with analytics and reporting tools empowers you to gain valuable insights into your marketing and sales performance. Keap offers integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Power BI. By connecting Keap with your analytics platform, you can track key metrics, visualize data, and generate comprehensive reports on lead generation, campaign effectiveness, customer engagement, and sales performance. This integration helps you make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your marketing strategies.

8. Custom Integrations:

In addition to the pre-built integrations, Keap provides a robust API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to create custom integrations with other systems or develop unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. The Keap API enables you to access and manipulate Keap data, automate processes, and integrate with internal systems or niche tools. This flexibility allows you to extend Keap's functionality and leverage its data in custom workflows, reporting, or specialized applications.


Keap's integrations play a crucial role in enhancing your business capabilities by connecting it with other essential tools and systems. Whether it's e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, lead capture tools, email marketing platforms, CRM systems, calendar and appointment scheduling tools, analytics and reporting platforms, or custom integrations, Keap provides a wide range of integration options. These integrations streamline data management, automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and provide valuable insights to drive your business growth. By leveraging Keap's integrations effectively, you can optimize your marketing and sales efforts, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

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