Live Email Broadcasts v Automated Emails

Live email broadcasts v automated emails…the winner is?

Most of my clients use Keap or Infusionsoft campaign builder to automate their email follow-up. Usually, we’re crafting sales emails to go after a product launch, webinar or event.

Email Broadcasts V Automated Emails

Which makes sense, right? After all, you want to maximise sales by following up with people based on the actions they’ve taken.

The trouble is, most marketers only send frequent emails in the build-up to a sale. You rarely hear from them outside of this.

If you only email your list when you have something to sell, you quickly become a bit of a nag

People opt-in because they like you or your message. You then violate that trust by only ever messaging when you have something to sell. It’s all take and no give.

Nag nag nag. Buy my stuff. Nag nag nag. 

That’s what it feels like to the reader. It feels like you’re taking their permission for granted.

Email is STILL the highest ROI marketing channel, but it takes work. You have to educate consistently in a way that provides value.

These ‘education’ emails might not have a hard call to action, but they should cause your reader to pause and think. That moment of thought should upgrade their understanding of your topic in some way.

Email Broadcasts v Automated Emails

When you do this consistently over a long period of time, it’s MUCH more likely your next offer will be well received!

That’s why I send these weekly emails.

They’re not automated, in the sense that I write them the week before they are sent. They’re sent ‘almost live’. If you don’t open the weekly email on Tuesday, you’ll receive another copy on Friday with a different subject line.

Sending one ‘live’ email per week is a good baseline. You can send more if you like – and you’ll possibly see better results. But once a week is the minimum for keeping your list warm.

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