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When you’re building campaigns in Keap, or in any marketing automation system, common advice is to “keep it simple!”

Which I sort of agree with…

marketing automation system


I agree with the sentiment of building lean. Use as few sequences as necessary. Keeping decision diamond logic simple. Keeping things organised and documented. Using consistent campaign naming conventions.

But in my world, keeping things ‘simple’ does not mean keeping things basic.

Tools like Keap place tremendous marketing automation firepower at your fingertips. Keap is a blank canvas to craft the ideal customer journey for each prospect.

Doing this effectively is rarely ‘simple’, because it involves segmenting your database based on behaviour.

All of this stems from the 80/20 principle…

In any group of prospects, 20% (or some smaller proportion) will account for the majority of sales. Then within that group, 20% will spend much more to solve the problem faster, more elegantly, or in a more bespoke way.

(For more on the numbers, see Perry Marshall’s excellent 80/20 Sales and Marketing book.)

Take a webinar for instance. Most people follow up with all webinar attendees as a single group. This is a mistake because not all attendees are equally likely to buy… and a small proportion is predisposed to spend much more!

Marketing Automation System K.I.S.S

You CAN use Keap to sift and soft your audience… to give potential high spenders the VIP treatment. But it’s not simple!

The thinking behind your segmentation has to be clear, otherwise, your campaigns will become a mess. You need to build your Infusionsoft campaigns succinctly and keep things organised.

But it’s magical thinking to assume you can both keep things simple AND maximise your results!

Building advanced campaigns in Keap does require a type of logical thinking. An ability to break the customer journey down into stages.

If that describes you, then great! If this email has galvanised you to apply the 80/20 principle to your campaigns, then I’m rooting for you.

But if you’re a business owner and the thought of building a more complex campaign fills you with dread, then it might be time to book that free call

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