How To Maximize Sales From A Webinar

I recently worked for a client who wanted to maximize sales from a webinar.

Within 90 days of implementing our follow-up system, profitability had more than doubled and time to break even had dropped from 51 days to under 30 days!

Maximize Sales From A Webinar

Want to know what we did?

First, we took a careful look at the existing webinar follow-up campaign. It wasn’t bad by any stretch, but it relied solely on email. Overall, their Keap account suffered from both poor email deliverability and non-segmented follow up. All webinar attendees were followed up in the same way!

So first we cleaned up the database, deleting 30-40% of unengaged or unmarketable contacts. After that, we felt that that lack of segmentation was the critical problem in the account. To gather this data we added a profiling question to the webinar opt-in form.

(Tip: if you want to segment your list it’s nearly always best to gather profiling data upfront. It’s much harder to ask for it later on!)

Next, we built out a multi-channel follow-up system spanning direct mail and SMS text messaging. Delivery and open rates for SMS are MUCH higher than email, so perfectly suited to support a webinar.

How We Maximize Sales From A Webinar

Importantly, the SMS text messages were created as a service to the webinar registrant. A helpful reminder that their webinar session was about to start. We used automated 2-way SMS conversations to streamline webinar follow-up immediately after the session.

The client was initially sceptical about direct mail and had concerns about the cost per mailing and overall effectiveness. They specifically did not want to handle any direct mail in house!

So, we built an automated system integrated with a direct mail provider. New webinar registrants who provided a mailing address were mailed a special report to complement the webinar.

Of course, the printed report was mailed with a substantial sales letter! None of this required any manual work for the client.

Finally, we created a tagging and saved search system to prioritise engaged contacts for further follow-up efforts.

The end result? The client is already reporting a like-for-like webinar conversion rate of 11.2% compared to 4% previously.

(Any webinar conversion rate over 10% is a great achievement!)

Would you benefit from a similar follow-up system?

Want to maximize sales from a webinar of your own?

Fill in the form here and we’ll take things from there.


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