My Copywriting Secret

I was telling you last time about my formula for high ticket sales. I missed one important element: my copywriting secret.

Words matter. The way you present your business matters. But perhaps the biggest conversion factor is trust.

My Copywriting Secret

You can’t automate the process of building trust. There isn’t a marketing hack. You have to show up consistently as yourself.

You have to share authentic stories.

I’ve been doing that here in recent emails.

I’ve told you about my early jobs in the apparel industry.

I’ve told you how I catastrophically failed at selling fax machines door to door.

I’ve told you about my career in property, and how I survived being £600K in debt.

I’ve told you about my early Infusionsoft clients, and the successes they achieved.

I’ve told you about my more recent escapades on Tinder!

My Copywriting Secret

The big copywriting secret? I didn’t actually sit down at a keyboard and write those emails…

They were 100% my words. I told all those stories verbally to my copywriter, Rob. He then extracted the stories from the call transcripts and sharpened them into marketing-ready emails.

I can easily talk about past events. But it’s time-consuming to write about them, and write well. If it was just up to me, these weekly emails wouldn’t get written.

Instead, I can call Rob, tell him what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been up to, and he’ll convert that into the next 6 to 8 weeks of emails.

Would having someone like that on your team help? Want to share my copywriting secret?

Just click the link 

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