My First Online Business

Do you remember your first online business, Damian? Or the first time you successfully took an offline business online?

I created my first online business in 1997, importing oil paintings from the Far East. I'd work in the evenings using a slow dial-up internet connection.

(Do you remember the noise a dial-up modem made when you connected??)

my first online business

That was the time I first got involved in online advertising and SEO. SEO was easy in those days, and online advertising was cheap! Corey Rudl was an early mentor of mine. There weren’t many credible people to follow at that time, but Corey was one of them.

Using Corey’s advice I created an online eCommerce shop and sold paintings all over the world. I'd buy a painting for £20-30 in Hong Kong, and sell it for £500 in America.

My First Online Business Rocked!

Easy money, right?

Well, sort of. The problem was it wasn't really scalable. There were only so many paintings I could buy, and they took a long time to find.

In the 24 years since I’ve worked on all kinds of online businesses. My most profitable clients have been the ones that package and sell their knowledge. No need to source anything except what’s already in their head.

‘Info businesses’ were all the rage 15 years ago. For a while, there was a gold rush in affiliate marketing until Google ‘slapped’ anyone promoting an affiliate offer.

Today, an ‘info business’ can still be highly lucrative, but the bar is set much higher…

  • You need your own products.
  • You need an audience.
  • You need a community.
  • You need an e-learning platform.
  • You need a sales system.

Most importantly, you need a marketing automation system that follows up with every interested prospect in your database.

We help clients implement a combined webinar and membership site strategy to do this, with Keap as the ‘brain’ that connects everything together.

As Dan Kennedy says, in a recession follow-up is king. How often do you hear from the companies you most like to buy from?

Do You Follow Up?

How many companies follow up with you in a way that is interesting and contextually relevant to the actions you’ve previously taken?

Not that many.

Be one of the few that do.

The time is now to make plans for 2022. Use the button below to tell me more about your current business.

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