Setting Up DKIM SPF And DMARC – EDC Day 1

Welcome to day one Setting Up DKIM SPF And DMARC in Infusionsoft which is critical to getting your emails delivered.

If you've not gone through the email deliverability challenge introductory video, I would just maybe quickly run through that, just to get an idea of what we're going to be covering over the next five days.


Day one is really the critical building block in getting your emails delivered in the first place.

There are two parts to this. I'm going to cover part one now, and then in a quick separate video, I'm going to record a second part to show you how to keep on top of that once people sign up to your list Infusionsoft.


The first thing we really need to do, which is critical with our list, is we go into our apps and we want to go to marketing settings, and we want to have a look at email authentication. Now what we need to do as very, very bare bones of email authentication, is have our DKIM record verified.

Now, DKIM, let me tell you what it is.

DKIM is a protocol which allows you to receive and check that email is claimed to have a specific domain. Obviously, if you don't have that, it's just all the time saying it's coming from Infusionsoft rather than being authenticated via your actual domain. So it's really critical that we get that sorted as quickly as possible.

It's very straightforward. You would click other domain, and then you just select one of your domains you would want to get a DKIM record on.

So, if for example, it was this one, it will give you then some information to either edit yourself, or get your web guys to do, on your hosting. You would copy this, copy this, and then wait and verify, and then after a period of time, you will get this green tick saying that you are verified. That is very straightforward to do. Again, if you want us to do it for you, we can do a paid service. We could do all the email authentication for you.

SPF Records

The next thing we want to check, which is again another protocol, this is step two, is SPF records.

Now again, SPF, sender policy framework. I'm going to put a link to it. I don't really want to go into the technical side of this. This will show you how to do it. Again, if you want to do that yourself, that's fine. Or if you want someone else to do it, like ourselves, we're more than happy to do it. So, this is all giving the ISP data that you are a legitimate email address, that it should allow you through to the receiver of your actual email.


The third step is DMARC. Again, let me go in here, DMARC, domain messaging authentication, reporting and conformance, is another email authentication. Again, if we look at Infusionsoft, there is an article, a really good article on this. I'll just type it in again, DMARC Infusionsoft. Again, we've got a great article here, I'll give you a link to that, to set up this in. Infusionsoft. It's quite straight forward. Again, some people just don't do or don't want to touch these things. We can do it for you. More than happy to share that.

You can probably now see why setting up DKIM SPF And DMARC in Infusionsoft is so critical to getting your Infusionsoft emails delivered

So, that is the main building block of all this. If you don't get this right, and let's say, at least go with the DKIM, otherwise, all the other stuff that follows over the next few days is going to be not worthless, but you're not going to get anywhere near as good results for doing it. So, set those up, and then the next step, in the next video, is I'm going to then show you how to look at your list and basically send emails to people who are engaged on your list.

Again, this is a big mistake lots of email users have is they're just emailing everyone. Over time, the ISPs will be getting a bit fed up. You keep on emailing people whose emails are old, bounces and got spam traps, things like that. I'm going to show you how to keep on top of that, and give you a free tool, and invite you to get ahold of a free tool that we use with our clients exactly how to do that in your own apps.

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