Subscription Billing Management Using Infusionsoft

How To Set Up Improved Subscription Billing Management Using Infusionsoft

Results speak for themselves

Subscription Billing Management Using Infusionsoft

Just want to continue from the previous video about Improved Billing Management and just go through these figures once again, in a little bit easier format, rather than probably it's a little bit difficult looking at them on my scribble on the whiteboard.

The original client who had no system in place to follow up with basic credit card fails was literally losing 22%. That's a churn rate of 22% per month with is huge and unsustainable.

  • With the basic email-only campaign, the churn dropped to 14%.
  • When we added the SMS + email, it dropped to 9%
  • Lastly, when we added a call in and it dropped to 7%.

Now, as I mentioned in the previous video, I wasn't too happy with their overall onboarding and content and things like that.

And we suggested, made recommendations to the client to make further improvements to the campaign.

After we'd made those improvements, the email only campaign then basically dropped to 11%, email plus SMS dropped to 7%, and then we dropped to 4% churn rate.

So you can see here the dramatic shift from a quarter almost or 20% over 20% every month, people leaving to 4%, that's nearly a four or 500% improvement and dramatically adding a lot of potential profit to their bottom line somewhere in the region.

Saved $100,000 p.a

They estimate at about a hundred thousand dollars a year in subscriptions being saved.

Client two, they started off, we put an email only in, it was a 13%, email plus SMS 9%. And then the email plus SMS plus call was 6%. And we're actually working on some improvements with their system and we expect these to drop, probably a little bit more in line with the second one here.

So how do we bill this in Infusionsoft?

So I'm just going to show you quickly how we would set this up. Very basically in Infusionsoft and build it literally on the fly, just showing the type of layout we would set up. So we'd have a tag that is triggered when the credit card fails.

This can be set up in billing automation for a product or category or any product.

What will happen here is if we had our most basic format, we're just going to send them an email. We would want to remove the trigger tag so that it can trigger again.

It's really important to do that.

Then we have just a number of emails that go out over a course of probably seven days, something like that. So we'd send one probably straight away.

Then we'd send one after a couple of days. And then another couple of days after that. I'm not getting into the actual copy here on this particular video. Then if we want to add the SMS in, we've got a decision diamond here that maybe, we don't have mobile numbers for all our people. One of the campaigns we put into clients apps is basically a campaign, it's a funnel bot, which is a really cool free resource that will run through and check to see if it's a landline or a mobile.

Subscription Billing Management Using Infusionsoft

We don't want to be really trying to send stuff to landlines. So we create a filter here and I've just put in a basic here with it. Basically, if we've got a mobile number found, it will both go both into the email campaign. And if they've got a phone number, it will go into the mobile phone number. Let me categorically agree with that. A mobile phone number. It will go into here.

We would just put in delay timers in here, SMS one, they usually send this HTTP posts. We put timers again, we just want to remove the trigger tag at the start. If they update the card, we would create a credit card update payment form that triggers which would put in a goal here to pull them out of the sequence and clear tags.

This Can All Be Automated Inside Infusionsoft

How do we set up subscription billing management using Infusionsoft?

Again, I'm not going into the particular detail of that. So if now we wanted to add an element of voice, basic people calling them. We can put this in here and we can add a new sequence in here, which would be basically we could create again, just very simply. If we're going to add a couple of calls in here, we would add a tag, sorry, a start goal.

We'd put a timer in here to trigger the first-timer. And then we would probably create a task here for someone to give them a call to join that up. And then we would again, just leave a delay. So that'd be call client one. Call client two. So that will be our, basically, that would trigger tasks for whoever's on our team to make a call to them. And the final one is if we wanted to do a ringless voice broadcast, which I touched upon in the last one, we could then in this sequence here, add the ringless voice broadcast.

Need Help Setting This Up In Infusionsoft?

So that would be literally the campaign. So when everyone's credit card fails again, if we don't have a sales team, we could take this out. We could just have the email only, we could have the SMS only, or we could have the calls as well and the ringless voice broadcast. So you could have the whole nine yards in here in terms of setting it up. So again, if you need any help setting this up, more than happy to jump on a call, see what you need, and make the best recommendation for you to get this done in your app.

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