The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make

The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make

Welcome back to another short video tip….The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make.

And in today's video, I'm going to share probably one of the biggest mistakes that many, many business owners make, and that is using one. Now, what do we mean by that? Well, it's very straightforward, are most businesses that rely on one thing to run the business. It could be relying on, let's say if we're internet marketers, one merchant processor. If we're, again, if we're internet marketers, it could be we rely on email.

And that's the big mistake I see. So many business owners, they rely on one thing, and if there's ever a problem with that thing, then you're really in deep trouble. So with my clients with marketing automation, what I tend to teach them is never to rely on anything.

Want To Be More Effective?

Today I want to share a quick example of what I mean by using multimedia marketing to help get a much more effective message across to your audience.

So let's assume our little marketing guy here, or gal put a skirt on here.

She's NOT Very Happy

She's sending emails out and she's lucky to get 20% open. Not great, but it's probably about the industry average.

So what can we do to make this better?

You know, 80% are not getting her message.

Very disheartening, especially if you spent a lot of money growing the list. So what we say to clients is, what other marketing can we put into our systems to help maximize our exposure?

For example, let's say we use SMS. Statistics have proven that people, obviously if you're like me, you'll have your phone very, very close to you.

Want 98%+ Open Rates?

I can't remember the exact study, but the study suggested that within the first 15 minutes of a text being received by someone, it gets opened, and that's by something like 98% of people. So you've immediately 90% plus open rates.

So just by using SMS, your message is going to get opened a lot more.

Now let's start to stack onto something else there.

Direct Mail…

Again, this is something that so many marketers don't use, and a couple of huge reasons why you should use it is because your competition is not using it.

direct mail

So it's an uncrowded marketplace.

And two, it gives a tangible thing for your customers or clients or prospects to hold onto.

Email is very short-lived. SMS is very short-lived, but direct mail has a long-lasting power. You know, if you have a letter or something, it gets read, it gets touched. So you're appealing to lots of different sensations with that and it again creates a much broader significance to your marketing message.

So this is not just all of it. You know, we teach about six or seven different marketing channels to use, to get your message across.

Think Differently…

But as you can see here, direct mail, again, gets 90% plus open rates. If you're nott doing this, how much potential are you leaving on the table with your business?

Obviously I can't answer that, but I'd seriously question that and have a think about potentially using these strategies in your business.

If you need any help in terms of implementing this, I've got my teeth in, we'd be happy to chat.

All you need to do is click on the banner below and book yourself in time, and we can talk about how we can massively boost your response rates by bringing in these multimedia channels into your sales and marketing follows.

It's really quite simple…hopefully, now you've read this blog post there's no need for you to make The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make…

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