Using Direct Mail Marketing

I’ve always been a fan of using direct mail marketing in my business…

Why? With a healthy database, it’s reasonable to assume that 90-95% of your mail will at least be opened.

Direct mail is also a great way to make an impact. To provide something of tangible value.

Using Direct Mail Marketing

A few years ago I was experimenting with a lot of different Infusionsoft apps. I had the idea of writing a book about it. But… I was busy. Books can take a long time to write, I thought, and writing isn’t my core skill.

The Easy Way To Write A Book

To get the book written quickly I had an automated webinar transcribed. I sent the transcript to a copywriter who rewrote and edited it into a book and added images that mirrored the webinar presentation.

I found that a 60-minute webinar will give you a 30-page book. If the book is to promote your services, that may be enough. It’s better to write a shorter, more focused book than to write a mighty tome.

To promote the book we ran Facebook ads to new customers. The signup form asked for their full mailing address, which we validated.

We also asked whether they currently used Infusionsoft. If they said no, then we emailed them a PDF of the book instead to keep campaign costs under control. So the signup form itself had a built-in qualification step.

The book shipped in a handwritten envelope with a self-adhesive stamp. In the mail package, we included a sales letter inviting them to book a free consultation. To draw attention to the letter we placed a handwritten post-it note on it.

That campaign was one of the most successful direct mail campaigns we've ever run.

What Made It So Successful?

  • It solved an immediate problem (what apps should I use)
  • It was fast to read – and provided a fast benefit
  • We validated all addresses and put a qualification question on the signup form
  • We sent the book as a carefully crafted mail pack

This is just one of the ways direct mail marketing can tie into your overall marketing follow-up strategy.

Book a call with me to discuss other options, and we’ll make a plan.

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