Using Infusionsoft Data With Ad Networks

Using Infusionsoft Data with Ad Networks is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Did you know… that MOST of the main ad networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) will let you upload a customer list? You should consider doing this for two reasons:

  1. To show relevant ads to your best customers
  2. To create ‘similar’ or ‘lookalike’ audiences of people who look like your best customers

The more data you can include in the upload, the more likely each network is to match the contacts from your list to users on their network.

Match rates go up if you know someone’s last name, phone number, and mailing address. We’ve seen match rates for a customer audience to be as high as 80%.

Using Infusionsoft Data With Ad Networks Works!

Using Infusionsoft Data With Ad Networks

Let me ask… if you could run paid ads to 80% of your best customers, would you?

And… if you could run ads to people who look similar to your best customers, would you?

Usually, these are your most profitable ads!

Once you’ve created an ‘audience’ on each ad platform you can usually update the audience as time passes. Each week you might re-upload your latest customer list. The networks will update the audience, adding new contacts and removing ones who have dropped off the list.

Updating an existing audience rather than creating a new one each time means you don’t need to remember to change your ad targeting. It also means your ads don’t get pushed back to the ‘learning’ phase, which is important on Facebook for high performance.

Using Infusionsoft Data With Ad Networks. For Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn, creating a custom audience is a manual process. Your only option is to manually export an Excel file from your CRM system and upload that file to each platform. As this is a manual process it’s best to create an internal process for a member of your team to do this at fixed intervals.

For Facebook, you can use a ‘connector’ tool to automatically add or remove people from a custom audience when they reach specific points in a sequence. The two tools we like are PlusThis and MyFusionHelper.

How Can You Automate The Process?

If you use Keap we suggest investing in at least one of the two.

The benefit of a connector is that no manual work is required to update the audience. You can even advertise to people who are active within a particular email sequence! Running a Facebook Ad that repeats the offer made in your emails usually improves email ROI too. The Facebook Ad reminds people to respond to an email that may have become buried in their inbox.

Each network has a minimum audience size you need to hit before you can run ads. On Facebook and Google, the minimum is 1000. On LinkedIn, the minimum is 300 matched members, which means your list size may need to be a minimum of 500-1000 contacts. Twitter claims the minimum is 100 matched Twitter users, but in practice, you’ll want bigger numbers to see any traction.

We typically find that a list upload size of 3K – 10K contacts is plenty to generate a viable audience for advertising. You CAN still upload smaller lists (say of your highest spending customers), but you should use them to create similar audiences/lookalikes.

Paid advertising can be a great way to reinforce a sales message delivered by email. The more places a customer sees your offer the more likely they are to respond.

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P.S. … People go to Facebook to see updates from people they know. That includes the companies they buy from. Remember, using Infusionsoft data with ad networks is extremely effective.

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