Using Infusionsoft for SMS Marketing Campaigns

Are you Using Infusionsoft for SMS Marketing Campaigns?

Did you know that a GOOD email open rate is usually anything over 20%?

If you’re relying solely on email you may be missing 80% of your audience…

For our clients that run online events such as webinars we ALWAYS use SMS text messaging alongside email.


SMS open rates are typically over 90%.

People open text messages faster than email, so for time-sensitive reminders, a text message can be most effective.

SMS marketing

If you use Infusionsoft or Keap you’ll need an add-on to start sending text messages.

Our preferred tool for SMS is Fix Your Funnel. We love Fix Your Funnel because you can:

  • Trigger SMS text messages when a contact reaches particular points in a campaign (using a HTTP post)
  • Run live SMS conversations that send an immediate notification to your phone (great for implementing post-webinar follow-up with a live sales rep)
  • Send SMS messages from different numbers depending on a contact’s location (great if you serve an international audience)
  • Send one-time ‘broadcast’ text messages to contacts who have a particular tag (handy for unforeseen emergencies or customer service updates)
  • Hold automatic two-way SMS conversations similar to a message bot, tag contacts based on their replies and store replies to fields or custom fields (great for progressive profiling and lead capture at live events)

Want To Try It For Yourself?

Rather than me wax on and on, why not try it for yourself?

Just text the word AUDIT to:

(855) 997-7488 (in the US)

0476856565 (in Australia)

07400092283 (in the UK)

If you live elsewhere all those numbers will still work at the same network rate by texting the international dialing code, for instance, 001 855 997-7488. But obviously, for the best experience, you would configure numbers where your customers mostly live.

How are you using Infusionsoft for SMS marketing campaigns?

What are you waiting for? Give it a try! 😉

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