Want 90-95% Open Rates For Your Infusionsoft Campaigns?

Do you want 90-95% open rates for your marketing communications?

I told you last time about my Infusionsoft client who ran webinars. We almost doubled their webinar show up rates by adding SMS text message reminders.

want 90-95% Open Rates

But there’s more to the story…

We also sent text messages after the webinar too. As best we could we tracked sales from people who had received one of these messages.

By my estimate, they generated £6-7K in additional sales from each live webinar just by adding this SMS follow-up sequence.

Why? Usually, these customers wanted to buy, but for whatever reason during the webinar, they couldn’t buy there and then.

Maybe they needed to discuss the investment with a spouse or business partner. Maybe they just didn’t have a payment card handy.

By sending a text after the webinar we were able to:

  • Encourage buyers who had stalled
  • Encourage questions from people sitting on the fence

If people replied with a particular word they were put into a live SMS dialogue with a sales rep. We made sure a rep was always online after each webinar.

Boosted Sales By £6,461!

These sales had a big impact on profitability. The client had already done the work. They had already generated the leads. They had already prepared the webinar. It's a lot of work to put on a webinar – whether it succeeds or not!

We closed more sales by following up with the right message at the right time to the right people, using a medium with 90-95% open rates.

This isn’t to say that SMS is better than email. Not at all. They are best-used hand in hand. One complements the other, rather than replaces the other.

But it does need planning.

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