Which Marketing Automation CRM Should I Use

“Which marketing automation CRM should I use?” is one of the most common email marketing questions I get asked…

Ask that question in any Facebook group and you’ll get every Tom, Dick and Harry chipping in with the affiliate link for their favourite tool.

It is critically important that you select the right marketing automation tool for your business. Select the wrong tool and you’ll pull your hair out trying to engineer complex workarounds to simple problems.

The correct approach to software selection is to first determine your requirements. Your requirements are driven by your marketing strategy. So you first need absolute clarity on what you are doing before selecting a platform.

Which Marketing Automation CRM Is Best For Your Business?

Which Marketing Automation CRM

When asking about tools you HAVE to share the context of your situation. Rather than asking “which email system is best?” you could say:

“I sell a high ticket service via an application process. I currently drive people to the application process through an online webinar. I’ve been running webinars for a while and think an automated webinar might help leverage my time. I need a marketing automation system that can deliver emails based on a contact’s webinar engagement and subsequent on-site behaviour. The system has to integrate into our appointment booking system. I want to also trigger SMS text messages and direct mail depending on certain dates and actions.”

Asking THAT question takes greater thought and clarity. But you’ll get better guidance…

Most email marketing agencies specialise in one particular platform (we specialise in Keap for instance).

So in the sales process, you must explain the context of what you are doing. If the rep you are speaking to starts talking about API integration and custom development, I suggest you run!

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