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How Would You Like To Truly Master Your Infusionsoft App Without Breaking Any Bones??...”

The Really Sad Fact Is That Most Infusionsoft Users Are Only Scraping The Surface With It Comes To Really Harnessing It’s Amazing “Auto-Magical” Powers & Why it Took A Broken Leg, A Drug-Induced Flight In An Air-Ambulance To Come Up With The Solution…


Today's Date: Monday 20th of August 2018

From The Desk Of:  Damian Qualter.

Location: My Secret Bunker - Somewhere in the UK

Hey there… Confused Infusionsoft User?

If you are already using Infusionsoft or considering investing in it in the near future they you need to read this short letter. Because it actually took a broken leg, 36 stitches, a metal plate in my leg PLUS a flight in an air ambulance for me to actually “Get-It” (more about that a little later!)

It Was Like Being On “Crack”…

That’s not to mention being like a zombie on crack after they’d temporarily “reset” my ankle as a lay helplessly by the canal side with my loyal Jack Russell, Maddy. Don’t worry you don’t need to break any bones to get a quick and fast solution to your Infusionsoft frustrations and confusion any longer …I actually guarantee it! Hopefully, after you finish reading this short letter everything will make a lot more sense. The dark clouds of uncertainty and frustration - not to mention confusion will be quickly lifted. You’ll have clarity exactly what you need to do next to get the absolute maximum you’re your Infusionsoft App.

But before we go there let me ask you a quick question???

After speaking to literally hundreds of other Infusionsoft user there’s two things they ALL seem to have in common… #1 Thing In Common – They are all 110% in agreement that Infusionsoft is an amazing software platform to use and its automation capabilities are awesome!! #2 Thing In Common – They get pretty “frustrated” (And I’m being polite here) as using Infusionsoft isn’t always plain sailing!

So… do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Not sure how to plan out a campaign so that everything “fires” when it’s meant to?
  • Not sure how to organize you campaigns so that you don’t get confused or plain mess it all up?
  • Confused of which “goal” should be used where?
  • Just using Infusionsoft as a glorified (and rather expensive) email software
  • Unclear how to properly “white-board” your campaigns BEFORE you go into the App? (this one skill alone can save your hours and hours in time!)
  • Frustrated which are the best, easiest and cheapest “3rd Party Apps” to use to give Infusionsoft that extra- functionality that doesn’t come straight out of the box.
  • Perplexed how to best organize your app from the start so that it doesn’t turn into an organizational night-mare further down the road.
  • Stuck how to create sales funnels that wow and convert prospects into raving paying fans.
  • Disheartened when you spend hours setting up a campaign to find it not working properly THEN having to spend at least the same amount of time trying to unravel it again!

These are just a few “real-life”, day to day frustrations that your average Infusionsoft user experiences. I know this to be true because I experienced all the above (plus a ton more besides) before I decided to tame the beast! For the last 8 years I have been using Infusionsoft in my own business. I have also helped dozens of other business owners, just like you; get to grips with this amazing piece of software. I have to say at times I’ve been frustrated, dismayed and darn right confused. Most Infusionsoft users are only using about 10% of its “auto magical” functionality at most.

There’s no wonder that it’s been nick-named “Confusionsoft”!!...

After speaking to many other Infusionsoft users over the past few years….. You are not alone. But now things don’t have to be confusing, frustrating any longer. It’s all about to change for the better.

“How does the broken leg come into all this?”

On Saturday the 15the November 2014 I got up a little earlier than usual. It was a Saturday, no different than most. I’d dropped my wife and daughter at the train station on their way to London for a “girlie” shopping extravaganza. I couldn’t go back to bed so, seeing it was a lovely, bright autumn day I decided to take Maddy for an early “walkies”. DogI kicked the ball whilst Maddy chased it backwards and forwards down the tow-path at the side of the canal. (She’s absolutely nuts about balls!) After about 10 minutes “IT” happened… All of a sudden I began to slip on the grass; it almost seemed in slow motion as I collapsed to the damp ground still moist with morning dew.

I felt an unusual “dull”, numb, snapping sensation in my left ankle...

It wasn’t really that painful at first. I managed to roll over and view the “damage” the fall had caused. Suddenly I became consumed with a feeling of nausea when I looked towards my foot.

My foot was at 90 degrees to my ankle (in the wrong way!)…

I slumped, defeated and drew in a deep; long breathe as the pain started to take hold. Suddenly a whole host of random thoughts rushed into my mind. “How would I get help...?” “What about Maddy…?” “Had I brought my mobile to call someone..?”

Yikes – I began to feel extremely lonely and isolated…

By sheer luck a man fishing further down the canal had witnessed my plight. He rushed over taking one quick look at my ankle “I think you may have broken it mate!” he boomed looking rather pale and slightly worried.

“I’d better call an ambulance...”

It’s funny I’m normally a bit sceptical about people in general but this guy came up trumps. He stayed with me the whole time. After about 20 minutes we were told because of the remote location no ambulances could even get close enough to stretcher me away.

They had to call for the air-ambulance!

Sure enough, about 30 minutes later I could hear the distant sound of the helicopter approaching. In no time it had landed in an adjoining field. Within seconds I was dosed with morphine and taking in large, deep lung fulls of Entonox.

I began to feel numb…..Very Numb…

The next thing I remember was a crunching sensation as they tried to reset my ankle at the scene. They had become increasingly concerned that my circulation in my foot was poor due to the severity of the fracture.

Fly me to the moon…

What seemed like a few minutes later we arrived at the nearest hospital with a helipad. I can’t remember much of the actual flight because I was so high on pain killers I think I could have flown there myself!! I’ll not bore you with the whole story but the long and short of it resulted in me being “house-bound” for the next 3 and a half months!!

Every Cloud Has A…

At first I hated the enforced “confinement to quarters!” But I soon realised my plight was hopeless – I needed to turn the event into a BIG positive. Like a lot of other Infusionsoft users I’d outsourced a lot of my work to an “expert” I’d becoming increasingly despondent and frustrated at the quality of work I’d been getting recently– now was the big chance to take control.

Cracking the “Infusionsoft Code”…

So for the next 4 months I decided to focus 100% on cracking the “Infusionsoft Code” for my business. I spent over $20,000 in training and coaching from the crème-de-le-crème of Infusionsoft experts. I travelled to the US within a week of my plaster being removed and would return on 4 further, separate occasions within the next 6 months.

I learnt from the absolute best...

I spent nearly every working moment talking to other experts and building out both my own automated sales and marketing funnels using Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Became An Obsession…

After many struggles, challenges and the times I nearly gave up….. a pattern became to emerge. I could now quickly and easily set up sales funnels and pipelines using the insider tricks and hacks. I also developed a formula that could draw every last drop of profit from every single campaign. Before long I began sharing some of these strategies with my high-paying clients. The great news was…they worked like gang-busters for them too!

It was a VERY tough decision I had to make next...

Although I seemed to have cracked the Infusionsoft Code for myself and my high-paying clients I knew only too well, that this would be well outside the reach of most Infusionsoft users. Normally I charge $250-$300 per hour for Infusionsoft consulting, or $5,000 per day. I knew how many Infusionsoft users, just like you, were struggling too. Every day I receive cries for help from other business owners. I already had a long waiting list for my Infusionsoft “Done-For-You” Services. I was torn whether or not I should release this to the “Infusionsoft Masses”. I just didn’t have the time to work “one-on-one” with many more people. I certainly didn’t want to “cheapen” or detract from my high-end services. How could I share this, help many I knew needed my help whilst maintaining my sanity and commercial integrity?

Then it happened…

After running several successful membership portals for my own businesses I knew I could systemize my system and share it with others at a tiny fraction of the cost of my one-to-one services.

Why Is This So Different?

Hey there’s a ton of Infusionsoft training out there – some good and some, well let’s just say not so good. (Remember: I’d already paid over $20,000 researching what’s out there!) This is so completely different – it comes primarily from the marketer’s angle using Infusionsoft rather than the other way round.

Is The Tail Wagging Your Dog?

I’m sad to say that there are a ton of Infusionsoft “GUUUURRRUUUS” out there who haven’t got a clue when it comes to marketing. Sure, they know the “tech stuff” but they couldn’t put together a sales funnel if their life depended upon it.

That’s why this is completely different.

I am primarily a marketer FIRST and an Infusionsoft expert second. I have sold my own products and services successfully using Infusionsoft for the last 8 years. In the last 12 months alone I have helped my clients sell over $1,000,000 of products and services using Infusionsoft. As you can see from the screen shot below I helped one client achieve over £271,573 in sales in January alone this year…

Sales Totalling Over £271,573 in Just One Month…


Here’s Just A Few Ways We Have Personally Used Infusionsoft in Our Own Business…

  • Managing a hugely successful property investment company that was selling 40+ properties per month and managing a Google Ad spend of over £25,000 PER MONTH.
  • Building up a membership site portal of over 500 people each paying £47 per month for access
  • Selling literally hundreds of products and services ranging from £197 to over £10,000.
  • Adding on average 1000 new subscribers to my own Infusionsoft email list using JUST Facebook ads.
  • Generating around 10 highly qualified appointments each week for my high-end coaching services which range from $1500 (£1000) to over $35,000 (£25,000) at a cost of less than $150.
  • Building out sophisticated and dynamic sales funnels that are converting like crazy!
  • Building out fully automated webinar sequences that are averaging 85% + opt in rates.


  • Getting on average webinar attendance of over 62.5%

registredPlus a ton more stuff I’ll not bore you with Right Now!! The thing is – I live and breathe Infusionsoft. I understand it’s short comings and frustrations (remember I’ve been there too!) So I decided to help as many serious Infusionsoft users as possible to get the sort of results me and my clients are getting WITHOUT having to pay my going rate of $5,000 a day. In fact you’ll pay absolutely nothing today (more about that shortly)

The Frustration Stops Here!!…


Here’s What You Get…

  • VIP Access to The ISDomination private members ONLY area – here you’ll find a library of Infusionsoft training tutorials, cheat sheets, blue-prints and case studies. You can also ask questions 24/7 to our panel of Infusionsoft experts.
  • Access to the ISDomination private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions and share information with some of the most talented Infusionsoft users and experts there are anywhere.
  • Monthly Training Webinars – Each month I’ll reveal a brand new training where I’ll share insider information of campaigns we are working on with clients and the sort of results they are getting.
  • Campaign of The Month – Every month you’ll be able to access and download the latest custom campaign direct into your own app completely FREE of charge. I’ll even record a video tutorial to help you get it up and running fast. (I currently sell my custom campaigns from $197 to $1997)
  • Expert Interviews – each month I’ll interview another Infusionsoft expert service provider and show you ways of using 3rd part apps to put your Infusionsoft campaigns on steroids!
  • Member ONLY Discounts – I have already organised some amazing deals for our “tribe” Also you’ll get a full 25% off any of my products or services. This alone could save you a fortune!
  • Member Monthly “Hot-Seat” – each month I’ll choose one of our members (who are up for it) and dig inside their app. I’ll also critique their copy and campaign structure. (I normally charge over $300 for a 30 minute critique)

“So What Does All This Cost?”

This is where it gets kind of crazy. The cost to try all this first-hand is absolutely zero. My wife still thinks I’m on drugs J

Here’s Why?

I want you to see if this really lives up to your expectations (and mine).PLUS it really starts to benefit your bottom line BEFORE you pay me a single penny.

Does That Sound Fair?

So here’s the deal... Test drive ISDomination for yourself without having to invest a single penny for a full 45 days. You get Instant Access to everything I mentioned above - plus you’ll immediately start to share all our exclusive “members only” benefits. Cool Eh? If you don’t think it’s not everything I made it out to be (and more) then just drop me a line to XXXXXXX and you’ll not be charged anything. If you love it, which I’m sure you will, then there’s no need to do a single thing. After your 45 days FREE ACCESS you’ll automatically be charged just $147 (£97) per month and billed every 30 days after that. You can cancel at any time. How does that sound?

Well….You Now Have Just 3 Choices…

Choice #1 – Do nothing. Keep on struggling and getting more frustrated. Only utilizing a fraction of Infusionsoft's “auto-magical” powers whilst paying expensive monthly fees. Choice #2Pay me, or any other Infusionsoft expert worth their weight the typical going rate of $250-$350 per hour. You’ll only get a fraction of what you get inside ISDomination for 10x the cost. Choice # 3 – The Smart Choice – take me up on my crazy offer. Take a full 45 day test-drive inside ISDomination members area and experience it for yourself. Remember there is absolutely zero risk on your part – I’m taking 100% of any risk.

Still Not Decided?

If you are still reading this bit I guess you’re still not 100% sure if ISDomination is right for you. So I decided to sweeten the pot. I’m not offering tons of worthless bonuses trying to persuade you. Heck, I wouldn’t even insult your intelligence doing that!

I Have Just One Single Bonus...

Unlike most “GooooRooos” out there I’m actually not going to bullshit you. And I’m not going to offer bonuses that aren’t worth a single dime either.

So Here “IT” Is….

I’m offering a FREE 30 minute 1 to 1 Infusionsoft Strategy Call you everyone you signs up.*

I normally charge $200 alone for this and my diary gets booked pretty solid.

I decided I’m going to clear some time for you guys so I can help you fast – but you need to hurry.

As you can probably imagine I can only offer strictly limited number of free 1 to 1 calls each week 🙁

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Here's What Some Of Our Members Think....

What really impressed us about working with Damian is his ability to quickly look inside our Infusionsoft application and make immediate recommendations that boost our bottom line. By implementing just one strategy on a recent webinar we generated an extra 11 sales @ £697 each!! Not only has that… he made a ton of other suggestions that will have a major positive impact on our bottom line.....

- Francis Dolley,

I didn’t realise the real power of Infusionsoft until it was demonstrated to me. Damian has now implemented several successful campaigns in our app.

- Jordan Yaffe, Mayweather Estates Ltd

If you are looking for a marketing expert who knows how to sell on line using Infusionsoft then Damian is the “go-to” guy to talk to. Most so called Infusionsoft “experts” may know the technical side but because Damian is using this stuff in his own business on a daily basis to actually run his own successful products and services working with him has been a massive advantage for use. We are now starting to see a huge positive ROI on our investment…

- Tom Breeze, Viewability

Some Frequently Asked Questions....

What Happens If I Miss Any Of The Live Trainings? +

No Problem!! All the training sessions will be recorded and made available in the member’s only area.

How do I get discounts off your additional Infusionsoft trainings courses? +

You will be emailed a special voucher code you can use to get 25% off our products and services.

What If I want to cancel? +

No problem – just drop an email to our support desk and we’ll get you cancelled straight away.

I’m looking for some on-going Infusionsoft coaching – do you offer this? +

We sure do!! - We have a number of options available – also as a member you’ll receive a full 25% our normal rates. Membership DOES have its privileges!!

Do you offer a Guarantee? +

Yes sort of – You’ll not be charged a single penny (unless you opt for the annual discounted membership) if you take our 45 day trial this gives you plenty of time to try it out risk free. We think this is better than any guarantee!!

What skill level do I have to be to get the most out of the training? +

We start at a basic level but have more advanced parts too which as your skill levels increase we are sure you’ll want to take advantage of!!

What If I need to contact support? +

Simple – just email - it’s a ticket system

What name will appear on my credit card statement? +

We use Stripe of Paypal buy there should be a reference to Damian Qualter Ltd

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* To be eligible for the FREE telephone consultation you will be required to have paid your first months fee OR have opted to pay for the annual subscription