Learn Infusionsoft…My Reason Why

Here's why I needed to learn Infusionsoft…

But first, here's my backstory

Did you get in trouble much at school?

Back in primary school (age 5 – 11 in the UK) I was mostly naive and shy. But I also got in trouble for everything…

A friend in class would ‘suggest’ ways to get a cheap laugh from the class, usually at the teacher’s expense. I was the one who got in trouble for it.

“Qualter! Headmaster’s office! Now!” would ring around the classroom as I was booted out the door. I even had my own desk in the headmaster's office I was there so often.

At age nine I remember being in an art class. We were asked to do a drawing project. I did mine on fishing rods, of all things. The headteacher came in, and I rolled my eyes. “Here we go again,” I thought.

Learn Infusionsoft

“Qualter!” he called out in a harsh bark. “Come here…”

Why have you not done work like this before?” he continued more softly.

It was a small event that changed how I perceived myself. I realised I was a perfectly competent student, if incredibly lazy! It made me realise I could do things on my own.

Do You Need To Learn Infusionsoft?

Self-perception is everything in marketing success too. We all view ourselves as having certain innate skills.

  • You are a copywriter, or you’re not.
  • You are good at websites, or you’re not.
  • You are good at marketing automation, or you’re not.

My work here is all about marketing automation. And let me tell you – I’m not a ‘natural’ at it. I come to you as someone who has struggled with this. I had to learn Infusionsoft for my own business out of necessity. Consequently, I’ve seen first-hand that adopting a multi-media follow-up strategy can deliver tremendous results.

If you ever feel stuck or overwhelmed, then remember this:

Break your marketing automation projects into smaller chunks. Small progress leads to a change of perception. A change in perception is a small hinge that can swing large doors.

Need help with a marketing automation project or want to learn Infusionsoft for yourself?

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