Learning Infusionsoft The Hard Way

I often get asked what is the best way of learning Infusionsoft.

Here's my personal take…

It's a sunny day in 2014. I'm was walking my dog Maddy alongside a canal – the flattest place you can imagine.

Learning Infusionsoft

The least dangerous place possible to walk. Suddenly I slip on a wet stone and hear a huge CRACK as I hit the path.

Sitting on the path for a second in shock while dull pain overwhelms me. I stare in horror at the new shape of my leg!

I phone 999 and wait for the ambulance. The paramedics can't reach me because I'm on the wrong side of the canal. Every now and then a canal boat chugs by, mouths agape. Eventually, a helicopter arrives to take me to hospital!

My leg was badly broken so for 8 weeks I couldn’t travel anywhere. Suddenly 8 weeks opened up in my schedule! A rare opportunity to knuckle down and learn a new skill…

I used Infusionsoft at the time in my business, but I had no idea how to use it. I found the interface intimidating and confusing. I couldn’t even send an email!

Learning Infusionsoft Takes Time & Effort

Instead, I paid a consultant £2K per month to build campaigns for me. A campaign for me may have been three emails, a web form and a product on the website. But it would take my consultant 6 weeks to implement it. I thought that was normal!

At the same time my business was in a slump. I had built up a reasonable list, but I simply couldn't afford to pay people to do the work anymore.

So I used the time while my leg recovered to learn Infusionsoft. Learning Infusionsoft was a real struggle. But it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what you can do with automation. I fired my consultant and finally took control of my campaigns.

Since then I've had a lot of success working in Infusionsoft (now called Keap). People usually think of Infusionsoft as an email marketing tool, but the results from multimedia campaigns can be staggering.

I'm always impressed when I receive messages in the post, by phone, by text, AS WELL as by email. Especially in a coherent synchronised way promoting a good offer.

I now help my clients to build cohesive multimedia follow-up campaigns. Campaigns that deliver real ROI.

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