Lumpy Mail Marketing

“Lumpy mail” marketing, also known as dimensional mail, is a direct mail marketing strategy that involves sending packages or mail with physical, 3D elements that create a “lumpy” effect. This technique aims to grab the recipient's attention and increase engagement by offering a tactile and often surprising experience.

Lumpy Mail Marketing

Here are key aspects of lumpy mail marketing:

 Benefits of Lumpy Mail Marketing

  1. Increased Open Rates: The unusual shape and weight of lumpy mail intrigue recipients, making them more likely to open it.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: The physical interaction with the mail can create a memorable experience, enhancing brand recall.
  3. Higher Response Rates: The novelty and personalized nature of lumpy mail often lead to higher response rates compared to traditional flat mail.
  4. Brand Differentiation: Lumpy mail helps brands stand out in a crowded mailbox, differentiating them from competitors.

 Components of Effective Lumpy Mail

  1. Unique Items: Include items that are relevant to your message or brand, such as stress balls, pens, keychains, or custom-branded merchandise.
  2. Personalization: Tailor the message and the items to the recipient. Personal touches can significantly boost the effectiveness of the campaign.
  3. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Ensure your mail includes a clear and compelling CTA, directing the recipient on what to do next.
  4. Quality Packaging: Use sturdy and attractive packaging to protect the contents and make a positive impression.

 Steps to Implement a Lumpy Mail Campaign

  1. Identify Target Audience: Define your target audience based on demographics, behavior, or specific criteria relevant to your campaign.
  2. Select Appropriate Items: Choose items that align with your marketing goals and will resonate with your audience.
  3. Craft a Compelling Message: Write a personalized and engaging message that ties the item to your brand or offer.
  4. Design and Package: Design the mail piece and package the items carefully to ensure they arrive in good condition.
  5. Send and Track: Send the lumpy mail and track its delivery. Follow up with recipients to measure the campaign's effectiveness and gather feedback.

 Examples of Lumpy Mail Ideas

– Promotional Gifts: Items like branded USB drives, notebooks, or tech gadgets.

– Product Samples: Small samples of your products for recipients to try.

– Event Invitations: Creative invitations to events, including a small gift related to the event theme.

– Thank You Packages: Personalized thank you notes with a small token of appreciation for loyal customers.

 Tips for Success

– Target the Right Audience: Ensure that the recipients are potential customers or have shown interest in your products/services.

– Keep it Relevant: The item should be relevant and add value to the recipient, reinforcing your message.

– Monitor Results: Track the success of your campaign by measuring response rates, engagement, and ROI.

Here are three in-depth case studies of companies that successfully implemented lumpy mail marketing campaigns:

  1. Case Study: Google AdWords


Google aimed to encourage businesses to try its AdWords service. They wanted to reach small and medium-sized business owners who might not be familiar with or actively using digital advertising.


Google decided to use a lumpy mail campaign to grab the attention of these business owners. They sent out packages containing a digital photo frame along with a personalized message.


– Target Audience: Small and medium-sized businesses across various industries.

– Package Contents: A digital photo frame preloaded with a personalized message and images that demonstrated the benefits of using Google AdWords.

– Message: The photo frame displayed messages like “Imagine your business here” alongside images of Google search results featuring their business names.

– Call to Action: Recipients were invited to sign up for a free trial of Google AdWords with an exclusive promotional code.


– Engagement: The unique and personalized approach significantly increased engagement, with many recipients setting up and using the photo frames.

– Response Rate: The campaign achieved a response rate that was four times higher than previous direct mail campaigns.

– Conversions: There was a notable increase in new AdWords accounts being created, with many businesses continuing to use the service beyond the trial period.

  1. Case Study: OfficeMax


OfficeMax wanted to boost sales and increase customer loyalty among its existing customer base. They aimed to remind customers of the wide range of office supplies and products available.


The company created a fun and engaging lumpy mail campaign centered around the holiday season, leveraging humor and surprise to captivate their audience.


– Target Audience: Existing OfficeMax customers.

– Package Contents: A humorous “Elf Yourself” kit that included a small elf figurine, an elf hat, and a link to a personalized online video where the recipient's face was superimposed on an elf dancing in a holiday scene.

– Message: The package included a personalized holiday greeting and a catalog of OfficeMax products, emphasizing the convenience and variety of items available for the holiday season.

– Call to Action: Recipients were encouraged to visit the OfficeMax website to create their own elf videos and share them on social media. Additionally, the package included a discount coupon for their next purchase.


– Engagement: The campaign went viral, with many recipients sharing their elf videos on social media, which significantly increased brand visibility.

– Response Rate: OfficeMax reported a 20% increase in traffic to their website and a significant boost in holiday season sales.

– Customer Loyalty: The fun and memorable experience strengthened customer loyalty and improved overall brand perception.

  1. Case Study: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


WWF aimed to raise awareness and funds for their conservation efforts. They wanted to engage high-net-worth individuals who could contribute significantly to their campaigns.


WWF developed a lumpy mail campaign that focused on the emotional impact of wildlife conservation, sending potential donors a tactile and evocative piece of mail.


– Target Audience: High-net-worth individuals with a history of philanthropy.

– Package Contents: A small, realistic plush toy of an endangered animal (e.g., a tiger or a panda) along with a detailed report on the specific threats facing that species.

– Message: The package included a heartfelt letter explaining the importance of conservation efforts and how their donation could make a significant impact. The letter was personalized, addressing the recipient by name and highlighting their past contributions to similar causes.

– Call to Action: Recipients were invited to make a substantial donation to support specific conservation projects. The package also provided details on how donations could directly contribute to protecting endangered species.


– Engagement: The emotional appeal and tangible representation of the endangered species (plush toy) deeply resonated with recipients, leading to higher engagement levels.

– Response Rate: The campaign saw a 35% increase in donations from targeted individuals compared to previous efforts.

– Funds Raised: WWF successfully raised substantial funds, exceeding their campaign targets and enabling significant advancements in their conservation projects.


These case studies illustrate the power of lumpy mail marketing when it's tailored to the audience and includes a compelling, personalized message. The combination of unique, tactile elements and clear calls to action can significantly boost engagement, response rates, and ultimately achieve the campaign's goals.

Lumpy mail marketing can be a highly effective strategy when done correctly, providing a unique way to connect with your audience and drive engagement.

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