Marketing Automation Disillusionment

Marketing automation disillusionment was something I had ever considered growing up.

As a young teenager, I loved clothes. I loved browsing clothes, wearing clothes. I stayed in touch with current fashions. I even worked at a top clothes shop where I lived near Blackpool.

So when it came time to choose my degree I studied management and textiles, in Manchester.

The course had two ‘placements’. After a year you did a 12-month placement in the industry…

Savile Row beckoned, I thought!

Marketing Automation Disillusionment

My Own Marketing Automation Disillusionment Experience

My first placement was at a dingy factory in Stoke-on-Trent. We churned out uniforms for the armed forces, among other things.

A grim, lonely place.

I helped fulfil a big contract to make brown bus uniforms for Greater Manchester Public Transport – not exactly what I had in mind!

I lived in a tiny flat in Stoke on my own.

Unfortunately, I was depressed and disillusioned for the whole year.

Eventually bought a battered old MG Midget and commuted from Manchester every day.

It cost me thousands to buy… and thousands to run!

Many people buy Infusionsoft expecting big things. They buy into the marketing automation dream and end up drowning in difficult technicalities.

You think you’re heading for the Savile Row experience of digital marketing, and instead, find yourself grinding away in Stoke-on-Trent.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Infusionsoft (now called Keap) is a great system. But it requires clear vision. Clear strategy. Good knowledge of appropriate add-ons.

If you’re struggling in any way I’m here to help. Fill in the short form here.



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