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Memberium Infusionsoft Membership Sites on steroids!

In today's video, I want to recommend another one of my favorite all-time infusion soft apps. And today's app is Memberium.

Memberium is a link between WordPress and Infusionsoft to manage things like membership sites. I'm doing it in massive disservice by explaining it in that way, but it allows, basically, for you to control access to content via Infusionsoft to your wordpress membership site.

Memberium Infusionsoft Membership Sites Are So Customizable

So it could be very simple. So that say, someone buys a product from you and you just want to give them access. And if you want to … say they ask for a refund … revoke access, that's probably its simplest level. At the most complex level, it would allow you to offer a full where you could automatically drip feed content to them. You could have them only access content when they've completed certain sections of content. Plus it links to Infusionsoft to manage all the things like the online billing and recurring payments, all that sort of stuff.

So it's a phenomenal, versatile bit of kit. It's offered as a monthly subscription. Again, with anything that we recommend to clients or third parties, it's something we use in our own business and our clients use it. All my clients who are using membership sites software are using Memberium as part of their tools to control access to content within the membership site. So it's a really fantastic tool. Again, great support, so versatile. I'm just literally touching the surface on what it can do. I suggest, if you're interested in finding out, click the link below this video, go to their website and have a look for yourself at the versatility that it can provide for you and for your business.

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