Infusionsoft And Membership Sites

Over the years I’ve had many clients ask about Infusionsoft and membership sites.

My first membership sites were for my early property clients.

More recently I've created membership sites for all sorts of weird and wonderful niches… from Japanese gardens to network marketing, to forex trading to couples therapy!

Infusionsoft And Membership Sites

Infusionsoft and membership sites

All of these projects shared two common requirements:

  1. The need to lock content in a sophisticated way
  2. To build a community around that content

Some clients unlock content over time, others drip content as students complete certain tasks.

We’ve tried out all the main membership site options for Keap, and the one we keep coming back to is Memberium…

With Memberium you can lock content based on a contact’s Keap tags. You can upsell people to higher-level courses.

You have complete control over the look and feel of the website design.

You Also Have Plenty Of Choices For Creating A Community…

Most of our clients do this through a private Facebook group.

If you prefer to keep people away from the dark tentacles of social media then ‘self-hosted options also exist (Buddyboss and Mighty Networks for instance).

My reservation with these is you need a large following to create any engagement.

It's easy to spend countless hours constructing a ghost town. Our clients using Facebook Groups have generally seen better activity within the group.

But The Point Is…It’s Up To You!

What’s right for one business won’t necessarily be right for yours.

If you’d like to discuss the Infusionsoft and membership sites options currently available for Keap, book a call and I’ll talk through your options.

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