Membership Sites & Continuity Programmes

Virtually every success marketer has some sort of membership or continuity offer.

Whether it’s a print newsletter, membership site or software you need to consider this as part of your marketing strategy.

This adds stability and predictability to your cash-flow and profits each month.

Over the last 5 years I have personally set up 7 membership sites and 2 print newsletters for my own business and helped literally hundreds of other entrepreneurs do the same.

Each year I work with a small group of highly motivated individuals to help them generate huge paydays developing membership sites and ongoing continuity programmes.

I will personally work with you to help you develop a successful and profitable continuity programme for your business.

Here is just a small taster of what you’ll learn if you chose to work with me:-

How to quickly set up your first continuity programme WITHOUT needing any fancy software of programming skills – In fact everything you need is 100% FREE. You can literally be up and running in less than 10 minutes flat

What is the best payment gateway to accept recurring customer payments? [CLUE: It isn’t PayPal]

How to price your continuity offer so it becomes a 100% “No-brainer” to sign up to

How to keep your paying customers for longer – Our average client sticks around for 11.3 months against an industry average of less than 3 months

How to get others to create content for you each month – PLUS they’ll do it for FREE

How to get others to virtually beg you to promote your programme to their list

How I built a membership sites of 376 people paying me £47 ($67) each month – it takes me less than 2 hours each month to provide ongoing content to them

How to reduce “churn” by over 328% using 1 simple strategy – you can be literally throwing away most of your profits if you chose to ignore this.

Run promotions and special pricing offers to get new members into your programme each month.

Quickly create your content schedule ahead of time – time spent here is critical to the ongoing success of your programmes

The simple tactic to find out exactly what your members want to know each month rather than trying to second guess it and failing.

What platforms should you use to protect your content without having to be a tech-wizard?

Interested In Finding Out More??

If creating you're own income producing membership site or continuity programme sounds something you'd like to explore in more detail then why not apply for one of my free "How To Generate Six Figures Doing What You Love Doing.. " Strategy call.

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