"Monthly Income With Membership Sites & Continuity Programmes..."

Over the last 7 years we have refined an effective and proven continuity blueprint that we will share with just a few other serious and like-minded clients…

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Any Of The Following Sound Familiar To You?

  • Ever launched a membership site with only a handful of people pay to join then cancel within the first 30 days or less?
  • Overwhelmed by the “Tech” side of things…not sure which is the best solution for you?
  • Not sure the BEST way to drive traffic to get people to actually join your continuity programme?
  • Confused whether to sell your continuity programme as a stand-alone offer or as part of another product?
  • Unclear the best way to attract new paying members and how to keep them?
  • Not sure as to what is the best type of content to offer to members to keep them engaged and wanting to come back for more?
  • Uncertain which type of special offers are the best to get a stream of targeted new members to sign up?
  • Unsure which membership site or continuity model would work best for your industry?
  • Confused as to what to charge your members each month? – it’s certainly not just down to price BTW!
  • Stuck on where to start planning and putting together a “Killer” membership programme?
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Why Should You Be Seriously Considering Setting Up Your Own Membership Or Continuity Offer? Here's 5 Great Reasons Why!!...


  1. You can help a lot of people

Getting paid isn’t the biggest payoff for me.  It’s helping other people become successful in an area of your expertise.  I’ve paid the stupid tax on membership sites & I want to save others from the same pitfalls!

  1. You can make a lot of money

If you put together “sticky content” people will pay you for a long, long, long time.  Can you imagine getting paid for what you know? It’s 100% possible.

  1. You can get into it cheap and you don't need to be a tech wizard

You need a blog, twitter, Facebook, LeadPages, & a membership website.  Not expensive. Plus you don’t need to have high-tech solutions to make it work. In fact 2 of my favourite models are FREE

  1. You don’t need a big team

We have grown several membership programmes from 0 to 100+ paying members with no other full time staff.  Our first continuity offer had 273 members paying me £47 every single month.  It took less than 90 days to get there, and we didn’t have a big team (FACT: we had “NO TEAM” – just one part-time member of staff working less than 4 hours a week!)

  1. Your niche needs you

Every niche has thought leaders.  Whatever your niche I guarantee there will be people willing to pay for your knowledge. We have worked with clients in a whole host of industries including: - personal fitness, spiritual, real estate investment, probate, lease options, forex trading and Japanese Gardening! (to name just a few!) If Japanese Gardens have thought leaders in their niche, yours does too.

Got Questions First ? Click Here Now To Book A Free 20 Minute Membership Site & Continuity Programme Fact Find Call

Don't Worry... We Know Exactly How You Feel !!...

Each year I work with a small group of motivated individuals and business owners helping them generate huge regular monthly paydays using membership and continuity programmes.

We have set up and ran over 15 successful continuity programmes ourselves and helped over 30 over individuals get started fast with theirs too.

I will personally work with you and your team to help you develop a successful and profitable continuity programme for you and your business.

Here Are Just A FEW Of The Things You'll Discover When You Choose To Work With Me & My Team...

  • How we on average keep paying members for  7.9 months compared to an industry average which is around 3.1 months - the more paying member stick around  = more profits for you!!
  • The simple hack anyone can use to get 17% more people to join their continuity programme.
  • How to generate sales (and profits) BEFORE your membership programme goes live. This proven strategy is the secret to scaling and testing your continuity offers before you waste any time creating content that might not sell
  • How to quickly test a membership site concept for less than $200. Don’t waste a ton of time on effort on a poor idea
  • How to effectively test price points for your monthly subscription – one simple tweak we tried recently boosted conversions by over 43%
  • How to effectively use Infusionsoft to help automate the entire process for your membership site. No need to spend hours managing things – let Infusionsoft do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • The low cost and no cost tech solutions to get you up and running fast without the need to break the bank
  • The proven, promotional strategies that work the best to attract a flood of new paying members.
  • How to price your continuity offer for maximum profits
  • Which membership site platforms work best and why – don’t fall into the trap other marketers make that can kill your sales conversion and cost you a ton of time.
  • How to quickly set up a test membership site site in around 90 minutes or less and get a flurry new paying members literally overnigh
  • Are you making the same #1 mistake that 99.9% others who are using membership sites make? Get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to around 1/3rd of your paying members
  • How to automate and re-activate lapsed members – this can be one of your biggest sources of hidden profits
  • 3 simple strategies to reduce your “Churn” rate by 27%
  • How to effectively "down-sell" members who wish to cancel into a lower cost membership offering more suited to their requirements
  • "Dynamic Behavioural Response Targeting" – what it actually is and how you can start using it after your webinar finishes driving more sales AFTER your event. Most marketers have never even considered this let alone applied it in their POST-webinar follow up sequences. [TIP: 60%+ of sales generally happen AFTER your webinar finishes.] How much money are you leaving on the table if you ignore this technique?
  • The rapid content creation formula – how to effortlessly brainstorm and entire 12 months’ worth of content in a single afternoon
  • The Exact email sequences (and timings) I use to get over an 80% attendance to webinar promotions. You’ll be given all my proven and tested email swipe files to customise and use in your own campaigns.
  • How to use Facebook Ads & webinars to drive traffic to your webinar registration page for FREE plus generate a handsome profit before your webinar goes “LIVE”. You’ll love this trick that I have ever only seen 1 other big-name marketer using.
  • Replay v No Replay – when and why you should offer a replay and when you shouldn’t. This simple yet little-known secret actually generates on average 22.3% more profits on each and every webinar we have tested it on.
  • The exact swipe files, cheat sheet and process maps we use day in day out in for our own successful membership sites
  • How to easily automate your webinars so they can run 24/7 so you can free up time to do what you really love doing – personally I love travelling around the globe to exotic locations. This can really be a “Set-up & Forget” business model if you follow my blueprint.
  • How to quickly and easily create content that your members will love you for each and every month in around 90 minutes.
  • How to generate a sizeable 4, 5 and 6 figure MONTHLY income for just working a few hours each and every month doing something you love.
  • How to position yourself for a premium offer. These are the same strategies used by other successful membership site owners who are charging anything from $97 to $997 PER MONTH
  • The five key essential ingedients every succesful membership and continuity programme needs
  • How to use a simple, low cost direct mail formula to boost sign ups after any promotion
Need Some Help In Deciding Which Option Is Best For You & Your Business

Here's What You Get Once You Invest In The Membership Site Elite Programme...

We have put together a number of packages to suit every business and budget.... From a 60 Minute Strategy Call to a full-blown “Done-For-You” Solution….

VALUE $1997

Complete WordPress Membership Site Set Up

My team of experts will build your very own WordPress membership site out for you. All you need to do is upload your content and start attracting new paying members

VALUE $997

Cheat-Sheets, Check Lists & Swipe Files

Not only do you get handed our proven Infusionsoft campaigns we will also give you our email swipe-file templates, checklists and blueprints to ensure your success.

VALUE $1997

Webinar Presentation Slide Decks

Once you become a client you will be able to download 3 of our most recent webinar presentation  slide decks so that you can copy and deploy in your own webinar campaigns.

VALUE $1497*

Additional Expert Support Or Set-Up Time

If you decide to choose our Gold or Platinum options you will also receive 5 hours (GOLD) or 10 hours (PLATINUM) additional hours of either consultancy or set-up time to help you get started FAST!

VALUE $1997

Free Access To The Webinar Profit System Online Training

You will get access to our latest webinar online training programme. This will go into much greater detail how on how to virtually gurantee your webinar success including over 13 different webinar profit formulas you can deploy.

VALUE $497

My Own Personal Webinar Resources Roladex

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong tools for the job. You will get instant access to all the latest tools and resources we personally use in our own business.

VALUE $497

How To Generate A Profit Even Before You Host Your Webinar

This is an "Uber-Cool" Strategy that only a few expert webinar marketers really know about. This is the trick the BIG-GUNS use to scale up their campaigns BIG TIME!!

VALUE $197

Membership Site Content Blueprints

My personal  "Hand-Picked" blueprint of how you can create content quickly and easily that your members will love. Hate creating content? There's even a strategy to get others doing it for you for NOTHING!!

Plus A Ton More To Virtually GUARANTEE Your Membership Site Success!!!

We have put together a number of packages to suit every business and budget.... From a 60 Minute Strategy Call to a full-blown “Done-For-You” Solution….


  • Trouble Shooting Guide - Sometimes with technology things can occasionally go wrong. Have this guide at your side at all times so you know how to handle things quickly and professionally every single time.
  • The Research Check List - Make sure you leave NOTHING to chance. Be prepared well in advance you can be 100% confident that there is a large enough demand for your membership site offering...

Plus a ton more....

Sounds Like Something You’d Like To Learn More About?...

We have designed this programme for Infusionsoft Users who want to integrate the automation powers of infusionsoft and combine them with membership sites.

Dependant on which package you choose not only do you get all the awesome benefits outlined above you also get a whole host of of practical knowledge we have learnt from working in over 30 different membership sites in a wide range of different niches and industries.

Next... Choose Which Membership Site Elite Package You Require...

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    Quick Start
      Get Started Now

      60 Minute Membership Site Elite Quick Start Strategy Call

      Fully Functional WP & Infusionsoft Integrated Membership Site

      Our EXACT, Proven Membership Site Email Template "Swipe File"

      FREE Access To The Membership Site Profit System Online Training Programme

      How To Test Your Idea Will Be Profitable Before Your Set Up Your Membership Site

      The Membership Site Launch Planner Calendar

      Our Recommended Membership Site Tools Rolodex

      Our Proven Promotional Strategies To Get Your Membership Site Launched Quickly

      5 Hours Of Expert Set Up Time




        Get Started Now

        60 Minute Membership Site Elite Quick Start Strategy Call

        Fully Functional WP & Infusionsoft Integrated Membership Site

        Our EXACT, Proven Membership Site Email Template "Swipe File"

        FREE Access To The Membership Site Profit System Online Training Programme

        How To Test Your Idea Will Be Profitable Before Your Set Up Your Membership Site

        The Membership Site Launch Planner Calendar

        Our Recommended Membership Site Tools Rolodex

        Our Proven Promotional Strategies To Get Your Membership Site Launched Quickly

        5 Hours Of Expert Set Up Time

        A 60 Minute 1-2-1 Pre-Membership Site Launch Planning Strategy Call

        5 Hours Of Additional Consulting /Set Up Time

        Full 30 Minute Video Campaign Critique Of Your Completed Membership Site

        *Please note for the Quick Start, Gold & Platinum packages you receive 5 hours set up time for our team to create your membership site for you. In addition the Gold & Platinum options have additional hours outlined above if you require additional consulting or set up time.

        So Here’s What You Need To Do Next...

        If you are at all unsure which package is best for you then I suggest you book an initial Quick Start Call.

        After we know a little bit more about you and your business goals we can recommend the most suitable package.

        If you then decide to go ahead with the next stage to book a Quick Start, Gold or Platinum Package we will reimburse the cost of the Quick Start Call against the package of your choice.

        What are you waiting for???

        Need Help? Book A FREE 20 Minute Membership Site Fact Find Call With Damian

        Frequently Asked Questions...

        Will You Write The Email Copy & Webinar Presentation? +

        Well Yes & No... - As part of the standard packages outlined we will provide our own proven swipe files and slide decks so you can adapt and adopt into your own membership site. If you would prefer for our team to prepare copy for either your emails or help with content ideas we can do so at an additional cost. To find out more about this option please email support@damianqualter.com

        The Programme Sounds Quite Expensive? +

        That's Correct --- It Is!! - You are getting the exact same knowledge and information we have gained from our "in-the-trenches" experience from hosting over 350 webinars in the last 3 years alon. We have invested over 1000 hours and more than $50,000 in training to develop this proprierty programme.

        It's very common to generate 4 and 5 figure pay-days from just one single webinar..Imagine hosting a webinar once a month (or once a week.....or multiple time a day) How much return from your investment do you think you could generate in the next 90 days?

        Is There A Guarantee? +

        Because of the time intensive nature of the programme we do not offer a money-back guarantee. If however, after our first strategy call you do not wish to go ahead with the remainder of the programme you can inform us in writing within 24 hours of your intention that you wish to cancel by emailing support@damianqualter.com We are happy to refund the balance of any monies paid less the cost of the call. We will also charge a $250 cancellation charge on top of this amount as an administration fee to cover out of pocket expenses. We will offer no refunds whatsoever for any monies paid after 24 hours of the initial strategy call.

        If you are the type of person who regullarly  requests refunds  then please do not apply for the programme.

        How Quickly Would You Expect Me To Have My First Webinar Up & Running? +

        It depends on a few things - generally clients are up and running within 30-60 days. The most common delay is that clients are slow to prepare content. We generally turn work around within 3-5 working days.

        What Tools Will I Need? +

        There are 3 main tools we recommend in addition to Infusionsoft

        1. GoToWebinar - for live webinars
        2. Stealth Seminar - for automated / evergreen webinars
        3. Page Buiding Software - I.e Leadpages/Click Funnels/Optimizepress
        4. A membership site plugin - theses vary from FREE to $300 approx

        We can offer use of our own accounts for 1,2 and 3 at an additional cost of $50 per month EACH

        I Don't Already Own Infusionsoft Just Yet? +

        No Problem!! - As Infusionsoft Certified Partners we can hook you up with an account quickly and provide all the ongoing training and support you'll ever need!!

        Do I Need To Already Own Infusionsoft To Take Part In This Programme? +

        The Simple Answer Is YES!! - If you don't already own Infusionsoft as Infusionsoft Certified Partners we can get you an Infusionsoft account at the best price and provide all the ongoing support and training  you'll ever need!!

        If you really don't want to invest in infusionsoft we can offer you access to the Webinar Prfit System Online Training at $1997 or provide 4 hours of 1-2-1 webinar consultation for a one-off charge £1297.

        If you would like to find out more anout these options please email support@damianqualter.com today.

        I Still Have Some Questions I Need Answering Before I Go Ahead? +

        No Problem!! - I'm actually really glad you are putting some thought into this investment.

        If you have any specific questions you need answering you can either email us at support@damianqualter.com or if you prefer to call  we can be reached as follows:-

        UK FREE : 0800 044 5767

        US : (855) 997-7488

        Can I Get Started On The Programme Straight Away? +

        Sure You Can ! - As soon as we have processed your payment we will conatct you by return to start the process to set things up straight away.

        How Many Client Do You Take On At Any One Time? +

        Great Question ! - For The Gold & Platinum Packages we will only take on a maximum of 6 clients each month to ensure we provide the highest levels of support to our clients.

        Do You Offer A Completely "Done-For-You" Webinar Package? +

        Yes We Can!! - We obviously have extremely limited availability for this option. We only take on 1 client every 2 months for this service. We would need to discuss your exact requirements in more detail before we could give you an exact quote for this service. Prices start FROM $15,000. Please contact support@damianqualter.com to discuss this option in more detail.

        Get Started Now