PlusThis And Infusionsoft

in today's video, I want to share with you one of my other, all-time favorite apps, and that is PlusThis. Now, for those who haven't heard of what PlusThis is, it is a tool that adds increased functionality to Infusionsoft.

Now, it doesn't only work with Infusionsoft. It works with some other apps, but for what I'm concerned with, and hopefully what you're concerned with is how it works with Infusionsoft, as Infusionsoft users. So it will add increased functionality, how can I describe that? There's a whole host of different functions it can add.

PlusThis And Infusionsoft…A Marriage Made In Heaven

Some things that we use on a daily basis are the GoToWebinar, the Zoom integrations, the split it feature, which splits funnels, the route it app, which basically dependent on certain tags, we can send people to different pages and put them down slightly different funnels based on the tags when they opt-in. Another cool one we like to use is the geo-location app. This will pull in data such as the country they're from, longitude and latitude, which you can use some cool stuff with that.

Also, Google Sheets is something that some of my other clients use on a regular basis, where you're setting up safe searches and data is being pulled backwards and forwards between PlusThis and Infusionsoft into Google Sheets, to give those who like looking at Google Sheets the information they need in a real-time, in a dynamic way as the data comes in from Infusionsoft.

Responsive Support

So again, PlusThis is fantastic in terms of support. Their team are great, they're bringing out stuff all the time, they really support the product. The support is very incredibly responsiveness.

In addition, PlusThis, there are other tools similar to PlusThis, such as MyFusion helper, Zapier, Parsey, we'll cover those in different videos, but if you're want to get one tool out of all the tools that have that little bit of extra functionality if you are an Infusionsoft user, PlusThis would definitely be the one I would recommend for you to start initially with.


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