Sell High Ticket Programs To Grow Your Business Fast

My most successful clients sell high ticket programs, courses or services, usually priced $2,000 – $20,000. As you’re reading these emails I’m hoping that describes you too.

There’s a lot of talk in marketing about how to sell high ticket programs. Many people are seeking a magic marketing formula to convert new subscribers into high paying customers.

sell high ticket programs

From my experience there isn’t a shortcut – it’s usually a lot of work!

This is what has worked for my clients in practice:

1. Hold an event to sell high ticket programs

The event could be a live in-person event. It could be a webinar. It could be a virtual summit.

The event could be free, or it could be paid (usually under $100 or so). If you can charge for the event you’ll increase show-up rates. If you’re running a digital event you could make it free to attend live and charge for the recording.

Events work because they automatically introduce a deadline, and deadlines bring scarcity. Without scarcity buyers will never jump for your high ticket offer.

If you’re holding a webinar the event can potentially be automated, but start by running the event live. You need real feedback from a live audience first.

2. Segment your registrants

Be sure to include a segmentation question in your event registration process. My primary segmentation question is ‘do you currently use Keap’. If you say ‘no’ you can still register, but you’ll receive very little follow-up from me.

After registration you then want to segment based on behaviour. Did the registrant show up to the event? How long did they attend for? Did they participate actively? It’s helpful to segment your attendees into ‘hot’, ‘warm’, and ‘cold’.

3. Remind your registrants

Always assume that the majority of your registrants will forget, or find something else to do. If you can, make sure you remind them by SMS as well as email. Reiterate the benefits of attending.

4. Maximise event sales

Depending on your offer, you might expect between 2% and 10% conversion rate on the event itself. 10% is the best conversion rate I’ve seen on a webinar selling a $2000 product. That may not be the ceiling, but it's the best I've seen (and took many iterations to get there).

Even at 10% conversion rate, most of the money lies in the follow up…

5. Adopt a multi-channel follow-up strategy

For hot prospects your follow-up should be omnipresent. Send them text messages. Send them direct mail (preferably a high value lumpy mail package). Remarket to them on Google and on social media. Send email, but don’t rely on email.

For people who attend but don’t buy it can help to follow-up with a free consultation. They may have pre-sale questions they would prefer to ask you and your team in person. They may be interested but unable to buy immediately.

6. Move people back to long term nurture

Outside the event promotion window, make sure you’re sending engaging content on at least a weekly basis. Use the time in between to demonstrate your expertise, build trust with your subscribers and set the foundation for the next event.

All of this requires detailed planning and careful implementation.

To put a plan in place  to sell a high ticket programs for your business, book a call using the link below.

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