Use Spiffy to transform your Infusionsoft order forms into beautiful, conversion-optimized sales machines in under 56 seconds! Introducing….

Sell More With…Spiffy

Why Use Spiffy?.. Simple…to Sell More

Over 50% of all purchases made online are coming from mobile devices. Making order forms easier to use on the devices your customers are using to browse and purchase from your website will drastically improve your sales.

Infusionsoft’s order forms are responsive, but they still aren’t mobile-optimized or conversion-optimized out-of-the-box. We make it easy to create high-converting order forms that boost sales.

Responsive + Modern Design

Spiffy’s modern & responsive design makes your Infusionsoft order forms look great, no matter what device your customers use to purchase. Mobile, tablet, desktop – Check!

Unlimited Order Forms

Your Spiffy account is linked to your Infusionsoft application. You can create an unlimited number of order forms from a single Infusionsoft account.

Works On Existing Forms

Spiffy works with the order forms you’ve already created. No need to create a new form and hassle with reconnecting all of your marketing emails and sales pages. Spiffy makes your existing order forms look brand new, in 55-seconds or less!


No more expensive bills from developers and programmers for one-off customized order forms. We’ll save you time and do all the heavy lifting for you, every month, for less than one hour of a programmer’s time.

Easy to Use

Creating your Spiffy order forms is super simple. We have tutorial videos that show you how to install your Spiffy forms. Once installed, changes to forms will automatically update without having to touch any code! Magic.

Our Spiffy Review

In today's video, I am going to answer probably one of the questions I get asked really, all the time as an Infusionsoft expert is…. why are Infusion order forms crap?

This has been a bugbear of mine, certainly since I've owned Infusionsoft for the last 13 years, and I know it is a major concern and issue with a lot of other Infusionsoft users out there.

How do we get around this problem? The number one app tool that I recommend to use is Spiffy Forms. Spiffy is a really incredible, simple-to-use app that basically all you need to do is, you design your form in the Spiffy drag-and-drop template environment, get it exactly how you want, and then all you do is, it creates a little bit of JavaScript that you put in the HTML element of your Infusionsoft order form.

And they create absolutely first-class forms that convert absolutely brilliantly.

Beautiful Designs

In addition, they have things like Bump offers. A Bump offer, if you don't know what a Bump offer is, it's basically a little chat box that you can put on your order form to get people to select an additional product, that you want to sell at the point of checkout. With all the apps I recommend to any of my clients is, the support has got to be second to none, and the support at Spiffy is incredible.

I've had occasions when we've had launches going on and we've had a little bit of an issue, we've reached out to their support and they have helped us and turned it around on a sixpence. So I'd definitely check out Spiffy, if you are a bit fed up with how your existing Infusionsoft order forms look, then Spiffy is a really great additional app that you can use to make your forms look fantastic on mobile, convert better and all in all look really, really great and be proud of your brand.

It Begs The Question Though…

With that said, I do find it disappointing that Infusionsoft hasn't as yet created something similar, with all the investment Infusionsoft has, why are smaller SAS companies bringing out their own things, which really Infusionsoft, should do, but that's my gripe for today.

So with that to do, if you want to check out Spiffy, go over to their website, have a look at the forms. If you need to reach out to me about anything regarding Infusionsoft, I'm more than delighted to talk to you. And hopefully, with Spiffy, you'll be creating a lot better, higher converting order forms really, really quickly.

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