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The Seven Biggest Myths About Infusionsoft

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As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner there are many myths about Infusionsoft I get asked by people considering purchasing Infusionsoft

I work almost exclusively with Infusionsoft-based businesses or business owners considering using the platform. That means I get asked a lot of weird questions 😊.

That’s OK.

The Seven Biggest Myths About Infusionsoft

But I’ve got to the point where I could probably write a book on all the misconceptions out there about the software.

I’m not going to do that because I’m under no illusions: who would actually read it?

Here’s the deal: Infusionsoft can transform your business but it does have some limitations.

This post is primarily about these limitations.

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to bust the big myths about Infusionsoft and increase your understanding of what the platform can and can’t do.

I want to answer seven of the most common myths about Infusionsoft in this article

Myth #1: It does everything for you

Infusionsoft does a lot of things but, like all software, it’s only as smart as those who set it up and manage it.

It does save masses amount of time for business owners in the areas of contact management, customer relationship management, marketing automation, and sales.

You could even say that Infusionsoft can be set up to act as a complete marketing and sales system and you’d be right.

But it needs plenty of understanding and effort upfront to reach that point.

Also, sales happen from building relationships – and while Infusionsoft can help you reach a point in the customer relationship where people are ready to buy, it generally requires your human input to close sales.

Myth #2: You need lots of integrations to make it work properly

This is false. Another one of the common myths about Infusionsoft I’d like to put right.

I have many clients who use Infusionsoft successfully with few integrations.

However, the truth remains that Infusonsoft does integrate with over a thousand other programs.

You might say that it “plays well with others.

You can certainly extend its functionality beyond what’s “in the box” and turn it into more than a sales and marketing system with the right additions or by working with a coder.

The sky’s the limit…but what’s on the ground is pretty good too!

Myth #3: It can manage my social media and blog posts

No, it can’t.

For that, you need a front-end system.

Infusionsoft effectively whirrs away in the background, powering your business and looking after the automation, tracking customer activity and completing all the series of events that you set up to happen when you’re not there.

It is entirely back-end.

Think: if a customer takes this action (e.g. signs up), Infusonsoft ensures that this happens (sends a welcome email and updates the contact record).

While you can use the platform to effectively manage email series, webinar campaigns, and membership sites, it’s not going to help you manage social media posts, run pay-per-click campaigns or create blog posts.

Once social media campaigns drive customers to your landing pages, for instance, that’s when Infusionsoft kicks in and starts running the show.

Myth #4: It’s a project management tool

Nope – you’re really barking up the wrong tree there.

Infusionsoft will help you set up automated workflows that save masses amounts of time.

However, it won’t replace dedicated project management software for business owners who need to organize complex projects involving many different contractors and with many “moving parts”.

Let Infusionsoft do what it is meant to do and it will deliver the results you expect.

For most other things, there are integrations: with over 1000 Zapier integrations, you can easily get Infusionsoft working together with your project management software.

Myth #5: It will look after my accounting

Infusionsoft can be set up to generate leads, increase sales, process e-commerce orders and payments (including the right tax payments), generate financial reports, and much more.

But it won’t replace an accounting system.

You still need to do reconciliations and make sure that you meet your obligations with the tax authorities, generate profit and loss reports, etc.

Get Infusionsoft working alongside your accounting system and your business will be in a strong position.

Myth #6: It’s like Mailchimp

Does Infusionsoft manage email marketing? Yes, absolutely.

But to compare it to Mailchimp is like comparing a small corner shop with a large department store. They might sell some of the same things but the department store offers far more opportunities to buy what you’re looking for.

So, yes, Mailchimp does its job of preparing, scheduling and sending out emails very well.

Infusionsoft does that too, while also feeding back into a whole system that tracks customer activity across multiple marketing channels over the entire time that they are with you.

It tracks customers through their entire life cycle, which makes for a more personalized and more effective marketing strategy over the long-term. Not just for one email campaign.

If you are only using Infusionsoft for email marketing, you’re missing out big time!

Myth #7: It’s too complicated!

I’m not going to lie. If you simply load up Infusionsoft and expect it to revolutionize your business, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Infusionsoft sets the bar quite high in terms of what you need to know to really get it firing.

However, that is part of the beauty of this software. It’s highly customizable and can be configured to do as little or as much as you want it to in your business.

Because most small business owners get Infusionsoft to a level where it is getting some positive results, they often leave it there.

However, most would benefit from exploring further to start tapping into the other 75 percent of the software’s capabilities that they paid for!

It’s not too complicated once you are shown the ropes by a Certified Infusionsoft Partner.

I’ve taken many business owners from beginners to Infusionsoft champions in quite a short space of time.

What are you going to get Infusionsoft to do for you?

So, you now know many of the things that Infusionsoft is not.

I like to be realistic with business owners who are considering Infusionsoft. Some over-estimate the platform’s powers but most under-estimate them.

Infusionsoft can transform small businesses – I’ve personally seen it happen many times. But it’s not the cure for all ills, as you can see.

If you’d like to know more about how Infusionsoft can help your small business, check out my recent post on Why Your Business Needs Infusionsoft.

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