Typeform and Zapier

In this final video now, I'm going to show you how to integrate Typeform to Infusionsoft using Zapier.  If you've not heard of Zapier before, it's a really, really cool tool that allows you to connect lots of different things without having to be a coder. Again, just like Typeform, Zapier helps you to unleash the full power of automation with Infusionsoft.

There are a couple of ways you can get Zapier. You can either access it through your Infusionsoft dashboard (under CRM in the main menu at the top), or you can log in to a Zapier and start from there.

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Recap: Integrating Typeform With Infusionsoft

In the previous video, we created a demo form.  We built out the questions and tested the form and form logic to make sure everything was working just the way we wanted it. In order to integrate Typeform with Zapier, it is imperative that you have the form built first.  (You can go to this page if you'd like see that video.)

So the next thing to do now is to go into Zapier. We need to create the integration which talks  between Typeform and Zapier. The form information then goes from Typeform to Zapier and then finally into Infusionsoft.

typeform and zapier

Creating Your First Zapier ‘Zap'

Once you have logged into Zapier, you will create a new Zap. Don't worry if you've never used Zapier before. It really is very simple to use (point and click simple) and has an easy to use, intuitive dashboard.   So you've got your Typeform built already. All we want to do is find Typeform from the dropdown list.  And we simply want to choose event.  Then we want to choose new entry. After this, simply click continue. Zapier will now ask you to sign into Typeform.

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Next, simply select the form which you would like to integrate.  In my case it was the demo form. Press continue.

Creating The Zapier Trigger

The trigger is what will do the magic.  What basically happens here is that Zapier will fire a trigger upon a new event and send this information to Infusionsoft so that you can map the fields in Infusionsoft and Tyepform. When you create the trigger, you will see that the form data has been pulled through. Next, press continue and then create and update a contact. Press continue again. Then choose an account. In my case, I would choose my Damian Qualter account.  Press Continue.

Define Email

Defining the email is the critical element.  Click on the email field. This can be a bit tricky, so take your time and make sure that it's done correctly.  If you scroll down the page you will see the email. Check it to make sure that there are no duplicates.  Select ‘opt-in'.  If you don't, you won't be able to follow up if this a new contact. What you want to do here is map first name. Select ‘show all options' again. And that's this step done.

Merge Phone Number

The next step is to merger the phone number field.  Scroll down the Zapier builder component and select  phone number. What you will be doing is merging that data into the form.

Creating Custom Zapier Fields

When creating custom Zapier fields, this is where you'll really appreciate being methodical in your naming of fields. If you are inconsistent about this, you'll find it difficult to find the fields you want quickly and easily.  If you name your fields in a way that makes them instantly recognizable to you, this will save you a ton of time and save you from frustration. With that done, all you need to now is submit a test and review.

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Test Your Zapier Tag

When you submit a test, you should see a notification that you've sent a test to Infusionsoft.  Simply turn the Zap on now and you'll be able to find this link inside Infusionsoft.

Next, you will want to create a Tag. For my purposes here, I simply named it Typeform demo.  You'll name yours appropriately to suit your purposes.  The next thing is select campaign and press test.

If everything works perfectly and you're happy, simply publish that to campaign.

Publish Your Zapier Zap

With your Zap published, you want to give it another spin live and make sure it all works as you expect.  Fill out all of the fields as if you were a real user.  And now we can then check and confirm that this information is being passed correctly into Inusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Reporting

What we want to do now is go into the Infusionsoft administration panel. So go back to you Infusionsoft dashboard. Next, go to Reporting.

Can you see that you've now got two records? One is the previous record that went through. If you go into these separate records now, you should see that all of your new information is there.  You should be able to pull up all of the information as you defined in your Zap – email, phone number, Infusionsoft User etc.   Zapier has pulled in the list. We could all use that information really, really well to segment the list.

So I hope you find that useful.  As I stated in the previous video,  I personally manage very high conversions using it.


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