The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide

The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide

Did you know that this was REALLY possible using Infusionsoft?…..

The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide

But before we get into the real “nitty gritty” of how to turn your Infusionsoft App into an automated sales and marketing machine……

Let me ask you a simple question…

Do you sometimes get a bit frustrated, disillusioned or just plain old stuck when it comes to figuring things out with Infusionsoft?…

Or is this you?….You bought Infusionsoft and you want it to do something “out-of-the-box” which just isn’t possible?

Don’t worry – I’ve been there too ????

I Want To Help You Figure Things Out…

I’m confident that after reading this article and downloading the free guide things will become…

  • Clearer
  • Less frustrating
  • You’ll start to embrace the real “automagical” powers of Infusionsoft in a whole new way

Big Promise??….. You BET!!!

But I’ll let you be the judge of that after you’ve read the article.

Hopefully a you’ll have a huge “light-bulb moment” like I did once I started using some of these tools in my business

OK…Let’s Get Started!!

I’ll take it that if you are reading this you know how cool Infusionsoft is at automating your sales and marketing – but if you want to take things to the NEXT level you’ll need to start using 3rd party apps.

This FREE report highlights just a few of my favourite Infusionsoft apps

For those of you who haven’t signed up yet for Infusionsoft – just do it!

If you want a FREE 40 minute “How Double (or Even Triple) Your Business In The Next 90 Days….” Challenge Call

call with me and my team before you sign up go here.

If you are truly serious about your business (and you have a reasonable sales and marketing budget available) you’ll never look back!

The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide was born!

For the last 8 years I have been using Infusionsoft in my own business. But it’s only really in the last couple of years I have actually realised anywhere close to its full potential.

That said…it does have its flaws and cannot do some of the really cool stuff “out of the box”.

So I decided to put together a comprehensive list of some of the 3rd party Infusionsoft apps I’m using both in my own business, and that of my clients.

It’s by no means an exhaustive list of all the Infusionsoft apps out there but some which I consider are real “Game-Changers” that have all provided a massive ROI very quickly (this could be in monetary terms or time saved).

Full Disclosure

I am using ALL of these apps on a regular basis (mostly on a daily basis) in my own business or clients businesses.

Some of the links are my affiliate links (hey I’ve got a family to feed too!).

If you would rather not let me earn a little pin money to help put this all together and fully test out these apps then “hey-ho” – I’ll also actually provide the alternative Non-affiliate links too.

I hope you enjoy this and I’d love your feedback too!

All Provide Awesome Support

One other factor I introduced into the was support levels provided by the vendors… Every single one has First Class support

Again they are in no particular order and are all definitely worthy of further serious consideration.

Also many of the recommendations have FREE trials so you can test drive them for yourselves without risking a single penny!!

Here’s Just a Few highlights You’ll discover when you download the FREE report

I fully review and recommend over 13 apps that I have personally used in either my own business or my clients (or both)!!

The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide

App #1 – Hate Native Infusion Order Forms?

This cool piece of software increase my order page conversions by over 37% when tested against an existing Infusionsoft order form.

It increased front end customer value by over 254%

One other additional “tweak” boosted conversions by a further 13%

Using “1-Click” Upsells? Not only does this app make them a breeze BUT always you to easily split test different upsell funnels.

Click Here To Find Out More >>

App #2 – Using Webinars?

I love this app and I know you will too!!

This one-single app has been responsible for generating over 6 figures in sales in the last 6 months alone.

After hosting over 350 live webinars in the last 3 and bit years I wanted a robust solution to put things on “Evergreen”.

I’m now averaging over 75% webinar attendance(against an industry standard of around 22%).

PLUS…Their support is second to none.

They virtually build the whole thing out for you.

Click Here To Find Out More >>

App #3 – My Infusionsoft Secret Weapon

Well it’s not really a secret but when I share this with clients they want me to keep it a secret from their competitors.

There’s too many features to mention right here (I’ll share more in my FREE report)

But here’s just a little taster … I recently implemented a split test (using this cool app) of a web page on behalf of a client which the wining version out-performed the control version by 46%!

Click Here To Find Out More >>


App #4 – Using SMS in Your Infusionsoft Campaigns?

If you aren’t you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

With over 98% open rates within 15 minutes SMS is a brilliant supplement to your email marketing.

Not only is there some awesome functionality built in but there’s a load more feature which blow the competitors out of the water!

This little baby allows also allows…

Multi-step automated SMS conversations PLUS the ability to have real LIVE conversations via SMS too!!

There’s a ton more features other than SMS too you can start using including things like direct mail integrations (super cool dudes)

Click Here To Find Out More >>

App #5 – Using Facebook Ads?

Not only will this app sync Facebook to your Infusionsoft app.

It also adds and deletes CRM/Email lists and tags to/from Facebook Custom Audiences automatically as those lists change at the source.

Facebook Lead Ad form is immediately added to the list(s) you specify in your Infusionsoft account as well as to a Facebook Custom Audience so you can respond and begin showing ads instantly.

You no longer have to upload and download .CSV files.

That means you can now create Facebook campaigns and scale them up automatically.

Now you can sync automatically tag based Facebook Ad campaigns to boost the effectiveness of your existing Infusionsoft campaigns.

Start using this along with SMS and your campaigns will run on steroids!!

P.S. – There’s areally cool support team who run an extra mile for their customers!!

Click Here To Find Out More >>

App #6 – Using Scarcity in Your Marketing?

I have been using this sexy little app now for nearly 2 years and it’s awesome!

Again there are a ton of countdown timers out there BUT none that will sync with your emailsas well – ULTRA Cool!

Now your prospects will see the same countdown even when they switch between desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Using our proprietary technology, they track each of your visitors through your marketing funnel, step-by-step… and across multiple pages in your funnel. (Sales pages, opt-in pages etc.)

It creates beautiful animated countdowns on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

I have used this app in several campaigns and it has always boosted conversions anywhere from 16-23% on average. (Compared to when I did not use any countdown timer)

Click Here To Find Out More >>

Still Reading??

Why On Earth Haven’t You Downloaded It Yet!!

Hope you enjoyed a little taster of what you can expect when you download the FREE The Ultimate Infusionsoft Apps Guide.

There’s another 8 apps that are equally as cool that I haven’t the time or space to include here but are included in my FREE guide.

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