Automated Webinars – The Truth

Automated webinars, also known as evergreen webinars, are pre-recorded webinar presentations that are set up to play on-demand for viewers at any time.

automated webinars

Unlike live webinars, which are conducted in real-time, automated webinars allow participants to access and watch the webinar content whenever they choose.

Here's how automated webinars typically work:

1. Recording: The webinar presenter records the webinar presentation in advance. This allows them to refine the content, ensure smooth delivery, and edit out any mistakes or technical issues.

2. Scheduling: The recorded webinar is then uploaded to a webinar platform or software that supports automated webinars. The presenter sets up a schedule for when the webinar will be available for viewing.

3. Registration: Participants who are interested in accessing the webinar register for it by providing their contact information. This allows the presenter to capture leads and follow up with them later.

Enhance The Webinar Experience

4. Attendee experience: When a participant registers for the webinar, they receive a confirmation email with a link to access the webinar. They can click on the link at any time during the scheduled availability period to watch the pre-recorded webinar.

5. Automation features: Automated webinar platforms often provide additional features to enhance the attendee experience. These can include simulated chat interactions, automated email reminders, interactive polls or surveys, and even simulated scarcity or urgency to drive engagement.

6. Follow-up: After participants watch the webinar, the presenter can set up automated email sequences or other follow-up actions to nurture leads, provide additional resources, or make offers based on the webinar content.

Automated webinars offer several benefits, including the ability to reach a larger audience, deliver consistent presentations, generate leads and sales even when you're not actively hosting live webinars, and provide flexibility for participants to watch the content at their convenience.

There are various webinar platforms available that support automated webinars, such as Stealth Webinar, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Demio, and GoToWebinar.

When selecting a platform for automated webinars, consider factors like ease of use, integration options, pricing, and the specific features you require for your automated webinar strategy.

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