Facebook Ads And Webinars

Facebook Ads and webinars can be a marriage made in heaven if done correctly.

Let’s say you’re holding an event or webinar.

Facebook Ads and webinars

Let’s say you’re holding an event or webinar. You want to promote it on Facebook to boost registration numbers.

But… you don’t really know what you’re doing. What campaign objective should you use? How much should you spend, and for how long before the event?

When you create an ad campaign, Facebook will ask you to select an objective. Typically these include conversions, traffic, leads, brand awareness, Messenger chats, etc.

Generally ‘conversions’ is the right objective here. You’ll need to track a custom conversion after people complete your event registration form. You need to do this before you start running ads.

The Facebook Ads platform is algorithm-driven. Machine learning is always running in the background to help improve your results.

If you select ‘conversions’ as your objective, you’ll need to generate at least 10 conversions per day in each of your ad sets. If you don’t hit 10 conversions the ad set will show ‘learning limited’ next to the status. Usually, these ad sets taper off in performance over time.

So it’s best to keep your campaign structure simple, maybe just one campaign with one ad set. Test a range of creative in that ad set. Include some videos where you are talking directly to the camera.

Next, set your ads budget. As a minimum, you usually need to spend $150/day for 3-4 days before a webinar. $150 should give you enough budget to hit 10 conversions per day.

You can start advertising up to a week out, but I’ve found that 3-4 days is a better time frame to promote a webinar on Facebook. Generally, it’s best to spend more closer to the webinar.

Keep a close eye on your results. Facebook is NOT set and forget! If you’re promoting a new webinar, keep an eye on your cost per conversion. If early results are poor you might want to pause the ads and revise the webinar topic.

The webinar topic should be immediate and pressing to your target customer. The webinar should solve one specific problem they haven’t been able to solve elsewhere.

In planning the webinar you should ask: what topic is there the most confusion about?

Don’t forget to build remarketing audiences of people who:

  1. Watched your video ads in the last 3 days and didn’t register
  2. Viewed the event registration page and didn’t register

You need 1000 people in these audiences to use them for ad targeting, which is another reason to make extensive use of video ads in your campaign. (Video ads are the cheapest way to build a remarketing list).

You can then show a single image remarketing ad to people who watched say 75% of your video and didn’t register.

Sound easy enough? Good!

Facebook Ads and webinars can also be really tough too!

If I’ve lost you, click here to book a quick call 🙂.

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