How To Follow-up With Webinar Attendees

One of the most common questions I get asked by my webinar mentees is “How to follow-up with webinar attendees?”

Imagine you’re researching a particular topic. You find someone online who is running a free webinar. You register online and clear your diary one afternoon to attend.

How to follow-up with webinar attendees

How To Follow-up With Webinar Attendees

During the webinar, the presenter makes a pitch for a ‘done for you’ version of the webinar content. “Great!” you think. You have the money but not the time, so a ‘done for you’ version sounds appealing.

But… just then a colleague bursts into your office, phone in hand, with an angry client on the line. You dip out of the webinar to deal with it.

Later on, you receive one solitary email from the webinar organiser, saying “thank you for attending our webinar.”

That’s it. No mention of the webinar offer. No reiteration of the benefits. No order form link.

You practically had your credit card in your hand, but at that particular moment, it wasn’t convenient to order. So you move on and forget about it.

Does that scenario sound at all familiar? It’s the norm for most business webinars.

A Better Alternative…

Imagine instead that you attend the webinar. During the registration process, you enter your mobile number to receive a free SMS reminder just as the webinar is about to start.

(You’re busy, right? You probably need a reminder!)

Two hours after the webinar you receive a second text. “Got questions about the offer?” the message starts. “Just reply YES for a free callback.”

You reply YES. One minute later a sales rep calls you back and takes your order over the phone.

After all, you saw the pitch. You were interested. You just got distracted.

Why doesn’t every business do this when running webinars?

Well, it’s more work, for one. It’s more complicated to set up. You need a process, and technology to deliver that process.

Want to look over my shoulder and see how I build these systems for clients? I’ll be running a course on this later in the year. More details to follow on that.

You can also book a FREE call by clicking this link to get help planning your next webinar.

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