A Free Or Low Cost Way To Promote Your Next Webinar

Looking for a low-cost way to promote your next webinar?

We were looking last time at how to promote your webinar to new prospects on LinkedIn.

Low Cost Way To Promote Your Next Webinar

A Low Cost Way To Promote Your Next Webinar

The trouble with LinkedIn ads? The cost! There’s also a steep learning curve.

You need your topic, ad creative and audience targeting dialled in.

Alternatively, there are a number of ways to promote your webinar for ‘free’. You CAN promote a webinar to new prospects without funding the LinkedIn Christmas party.

My Number One Recommendation? JV Arrangements…

Look around in your market: who already has the attention of your ideal customer? What else is your ideal customer worried about, looking at or buying?

Of course, you can’t just approach a company you don’t know and ask if they’ll promote your webinar for you. You have to put work into the relationship first.

One approach is to look for possible JV partners who run their own podcasts.

Podcast owners are often on the lookout for guests. Appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast allow you to deliver value upfront and establish a relationship with the podcast host.

Starting your own podcast is also a valid way to build a network of potential JV collaborators…

Rather than approaching someone and asking: “would you like to promote my webinar?” Try asking, “would you like to appear on my podcast?”

You might be surprised at the number of influential people who will say yes.

This isn’t a ‘quick win’ strategy or fast marketing hack. It’s a lot of work to start and grow a podcast. But potentially it’s a great way to grow your network and connect with influencers.

If you don’t want to start your own podcast, the second-best approach is to look for podcasts you can appear on as a guest. Use any guest appearances to both promote your next webinar directly, and also build a relationship with the podcast host.

Do you have your own podcast? Have you ever tried this approach? I’m interested to know.

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