Post Webinar Follow Up

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they’re using webinars is in their business post webinar follow up to maximize conversions.

Are You Making The Same Mistake Too?

Traditionally, you’d have your opt-in form, you’d have your reminders to attend the webinar, you’d have your webinar. Most people treat everyone the same. That’s whether they’ve attended or not, the same way, and then they either buy or not at the end.

What we’ve found when we’ve run tests with our audience and for our clients is if we split people after the webinar, we’ll split them into people who’ve attended the webinar and seen the offer, we’ll split them into people who’ve missed the webinar, and people that attended the webinar, but missed early and not seen the offer.

So we can split those into different routes and have a different messaging.

As I’ve said and maintained with lots of these videos that you probably have watched over the last periods, months, years, however long you’ve been following me, it’s so critical to resonate and to fine-tune your marketing, your targeting to what people’s behavior and interests are. So the more we can target our emails to exactly what people have done, we can send different messaging to someone who’s attended and seen the offer, obviously they’ve gone further down the process than someone who’s missed it.

Segmentation Based On Behaviour Is Key To Maximizing Conversions

And what we tend to do when people have missed, we will either not send them a replay, we might try and get them to an encore presentation the following week. But we have found when we tested this with numerous clients over the last three or four years, that this technique can boost conversions by anywhere by 13 to 37% over traditional linear way of doing it where you’ve just got one sequence whether they’ve attended or not.

This is just literally one technique we use with our clients to help with their post webinar follow up to help maximize conversions.

We use probably about seven or eight different post webinar follow up techniques that we stack on top of these to boost conversions up to two or three hundred percent more than were inclined to start with us.

This Is Just ONE Of The Many Techniques We Deploy In Our Webinar Campaigns

So if it’s something of interest, and you’re interested in finding out more about how you can start using webinars more effectively, maybe if you’ve used webinars before and not had the results you’ve wanted, or maybe you’re just new to webinars and you think it’s a good idea to start them in your business. If you are interested in talking to myself or a member of my team, we have done, hosted over 350 webinars in the last three years for clients and for ourselves. We know a thing or two about webinars and luckily we’ve been able to work with some really successful clients and seen what works and what doesn’t works in their particular campaigns and webinar campaigns.

The great news is this is really simple to implement if you are already using Infusionsoft

Need Help With Your Webinars?

So if that sounds like of interest to you, all you need to do is click the link or button wherever it might be, under this video or to the side or wherever, click the link or the button and complete the details and hopefully very shortly you’ll be speaking to myself or a member of my team about how we can help you get more effective with your webinars. And make webinars a really integral part of your lead generation and conversion strategies.


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