Webinar Presenting For The Faint Hearted

Webinar presenting is not always great for the faint hearted.

Webinar presenting

If you’re running a webinar, I can help you configure your email and SMS reminder systems. I can help you run Facebook ads to attract new registrants. I can help you configure automated follow-up sequences to attendees and no-shows.

But what I CAN’T do is present the webinar for you!

At that point you’re on your own, amigo.

Flying Solo!

A minority of my clients are extrovert types, used to presenting from stage. If that’s you, then presenting a webinar is second nature. After all, a webinar is only a minor variation in format from a live presentation.

The majority of my clients however are more introverted, and prefer to bury themselves in the mechanics of their work. Often they are good at selling, but don’t like to sell. Especially not online, where you can’t see people’s faces and gauge reactions.

The two biggest success factors in any webinar are:

  1. Having the right audience in attendance
  2. Your delivery of the webinar, in particular your delivery of your sales pitch

Even if you’re an introvert, presenting the webinar content itself isn’t so much of a big deal. You can talk at length about your topic, right? The awkward part is the pitch, where you introduce your webinar offer.

If you have hundreds of people on a webinar this is a high pressure situation; get it wrong and you’ll instantly lose thousands in missed revenue.

If you’re brand new to webinars, the presentation of your first webinar will very likely suck, unless you have on-stage experience. I don’t know a way round that, except to start small and practise often. Run the same webinar each week for two months and your delivery will undoubtedly improve.

But what if you’re more of an introverted technician, rather than an extroverted sales type? After all, a webinar is a sales tool suited to extroverts.

Well, you have a few options. One is to automate the webinar, to guarantee a consistent delivery of your pitch.

Another option is to employ a sales manager, and have that person deliver the pitch section of the webinar. (You can do this with an automated webinar too.) The pitch should be sandwiched between two sections of content to incentivise attendees to carry on listening.

Google Ads guru Perry Marshall adopted this approach for a long time. Perry would present the ‘meat’ of the webinar, while Perry’s head of sales would present the webinar offer.

The gist of the pitch would be “you’ve had 40 minutes of Perry’s time on this webinar. To shortcut the learning curve, work 1-1 with Perry over 5 weeks and achieve [some specific outcome], this is the deal…”

Splitting the webinar content and webinar pitch helps to position you as the expert. You’re the expert at the top of the mountain who is gated off from the actual sales process.

Ultimately it comes down to this: do you LOVE selling face to face or over the phone?

If you love it, then YOU should present the webinar pitch. Delivering the pitch maintains continuity in the webinar.

If you don’t love it, you should work with someone who can deliver the pitch consistently and with high energy.

Your webinar conversion rate WILL be higher that way, I promise.

Ready to discuss your next webinar? Tap this link to book a quick call.

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