Consumer Product Events

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Consumer Product Events offer direct access to media and influencers. With one of their key ventures being Media and Merch.

With strong branding already, we were tasked with redeployment of the site to an updated WordPress system and updating graphics and styling.

We were also tasked with integrating Infusionsoft to capture prospects and management of contacts.


What we did

The website is built on WordPress with Infusionsoft integrations.

As matchmakers for products and press, Consumer Product Events needed an effective way to manage all of the different services they offer and ensure successful collection, segmentation and follow up of leads and client management.

This is exactly what we did by creating custom order forms with specific sequences for each service and event.


Fundamentally the website promotes the services offered by Consumer Product Events. However it is also used to promote their product showcase events, such as Media and Merch and their Influencer Desk Guides, thus creating immediate exposure for the exhibitors who have bought one of the packages.

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