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How Fast Is Your Website?

One of the most important metrics now how fast is your website.

I see so many websites today that are running slow.

Google has brought in a number of changes in the algorithm recently where speed, all things being equal is definitely a ranking factor for your website.

Most websites are pretty bad. I’m going to just run one site. I’m not going to tell you the name of the site.

In fact, I’m going to run one for my site first. I’m going to give you the link.

Google Page Speed Insights

Basically, you can see here it’s Google’s own speeding site, just running it now.

How Fast Is Your Website?

Put your domain in here, click analyze. And it goes in the background running the speed checks. And this is obviously as Google sees it.

So you can see now you’ve got two options.

You’ve got here on mobile.

So that is pretty much, you can’t get better than that.

So this is definitely, we just put these changes on our website.

how fast is your website


Substantial Improvement In Organic Traffic Rankings

We’ve noticed already substantial improvements in our ranking just by improving site speed on the website.

So it’s definitely something you could look at doing yourself. If you need help at all doing that, we offer a service now where we’ll run an audit and give you a quotation for optimizing your website for SEO.

There’s still a hell of a lot of free traffic available.

If you make a few tweaks to your website, that can make a massive impact on your search engine rankings.

We’ve just run a speed test for one of my Infusionsoft client‘s sites, just randomly picked it out.

Just want to show you how their website’s done or doing. I’m going to hide, obviously the name for you, so it doesn’t embarrass them or give you any information, but it’ll show you hopefully quite a difference in how we’ve achieved site speed and optimization of our websites compared to most people. When you run most people’s websites, you’ll be quite shocked at how bad their speed tests are on the websites.

How Can You Improve Your Website Speed?

I’m going to hide, obviously the website address. Mobile, desktop, both in the red critical areas. They’re not doing themselves any favors here by having really, really poor load times for the websites.

google speed test

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