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In today's video, I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite, all-time Infusionsoft apps, and that is Wicked Reports.


Wicked reports are probably one of the most robust reporting tools to find data on what is converting into your business. What makes Wicked Reports different to a lot of tools out there is the ability to track attribution.

Attribution Is Difficult To Track

For those that don't understand what attribution is. Attribution is say you're spending a lot of money on Facebook ads, or any type of paid advertising, and you want to track where someone first came into your funnel, then usually with the tools that Facebook has native tools, then this is virtually impossible, especially if you're bouncing around from say Facebook Ads to Google Ads, to Facebook retargeting, because it will take the last point of attribution and give those the attribution point to the particular conversion.

Wicked Reports will go right back from the start when someone opts into your list inside Infusionsoft and will create the attribution all the way back to that, so you can follow a path of how people have come to your business. Now, as partners for Wicked Reports, we help people set it up in the dashboard.

Who Needs Wicked Reports?

Wicked Reports is really for people who are spending money on paid advertising, or they are doing a lot of things like social outreach, and they want to track which posts are converting well. If you're just starting off, and you don't have a big list, you don't have a big budget, and you're not doing a lot of outreach type marketing to track then it's probably a bit of overkill for you.

It's not a cheap tool and there is a bit of a learning curve to set it up correctly. However, the team are fantastic. They will support you. If you need any help as Wicked Reports partners we can also help you set up. I would say this is really a tool for anyone spending probably more than two or $3,000 a month on paid advertising or have a huge social following or organic following, and want to test how things and working, and what tools are working best for conversions in their own funnels.

So again, it's not a cheap tool, fantastic reports in terms of tracking things back, superb.

A little bit of a learning curve with it setting it up, but all and all, it's a fantastic tool if you are am Infusionsoft user and want to accurately track where your traffic is coming from and what is converted.

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